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11 January 2009 @ 06:30 pm
Index: Heroes  

Heroes, Matt/Daphne, awkward
Heroes, Adam/Monica, ice
Heroes, Adam/anyone, "have you even done this before?"
Heroes, Mohinder/Sylar, "abilities + orgasm do not mix"
Heroes, Mohinder/Sylar, powercut
Heroes, Claire solo, incest fantasies
Heroes, Sylar/Mohinder/Gabriel, "You can do what?"
Heroes, Matt/Mohinder/Sylar, Sylar's old bedroom
Heroes, Noah/Mohinder/Ando, no-powers club
Heroes, Peter/Mohinder/Sylar, enemies make the best lovers
Heroes, Mohinder/Sylar, blood
Heroes, girl!Mohinder/girl!Matt, "Molly has two mommies"
Heroes, Mohinder/Sylar, lip gloss, eyeliner and other things Mohinder doesn't need to be pretty anyway
Heroes, boy!Elle/boy!Claire, "save the quarterback save the world"
Heroes, girl!Sylar/girl!Mohinder, themed motel (you know, the kinds that are like "fishing!" and then have hideous fish pictures everywhere)
Heroes, Professor!Mohinder/Grad student!Gabriel, glasses kink
Heroes, Mohinder/Sylar, How Soon Is Now - The Smiths
Heroes, Sylar (gen), a serial killer's week off.
Heroes, Eden/Issac, wonder
Heroes, Matt/Mohinder, on a deserted island
Heroes, Mohinder/Sylar, nervous
Heroes, Mohinder/Matt, Hollywood
Heroes, Nathan/Peter, descent
Heroes, Elle/Mohinder, uphill
Heroes, Bob Bishop/Angela Petrelli, puppy love
Heroes, Nathan/Hiro, sticky sweet
Heroes, Matt/Mohinder, shove
Heroes, Hiro/Elle, poetry
Heroes, Sylar(Gabriel)/HRG, learn something
Heroes, Peter/Nathan, pot smoking
Heroes, Noah/Sandra, a good occasion for champagne
Heroes, Mohinder/Sylar, smoking pot dampens violent tendencies
Heroes, Noah/Sandra, blindfold
Heroes, Hiro/Ando, dears
Heroes, Nathan/anyone but Peter, Triste
Heroes, Sylar/Luke, "It's about time that this world goes up in flames" (Apoptygma Berzerk - Starsign)
Heroes, Sylar/Author's choice, Emily Haines - Dog
Heroes, Sylar/Mohinder, Escape (by Enrique Iglesias)
Heroes, Mohinder/Elle, gun holster
Heroes, Peter/Adam, control
Heroes, Mohinder/Sylar, until we meet again
Heroes, Peter/Sylar, mirror
Heroes, angel!Mohinder/demon!Sylar, temptation
Heroes, Matt/Mohinder, our better angels
Heroes, angel!Mohinder/anyone, a heavenly gift
Heroes, devil!Sylar/anyone, your secret desire
Heroes, devil!Adam/Mohinder, I could give you the world
Heroes, Adam/Monica, maid's outfit
Heroes, Matt/Mohinder, rainbow scarves
Heroes, Peter/Caitlin, "It just isn't Adam"
Heroes, Nathan/Peter, infinity
Heroes, Adam/Ellen/Monica, gift
Heroes, Elle/Claire, wedding invitations
Heroes, Sylar/anyone, long black coat
Heroes, Sylar/Gabriel, "weirdest new ability EVER"
Heroes, Mohinder/Sylar/5YG!Mohinder, a happy accident
Heroes, Sylar x2/Luke, Old Testament
Heroes, Future!Peter/Sylar, make me forget
Heroes, Mohinder/Eden, door
Heroes, Elle/Eden, "bad girls make the best lovers"
Heroes, Mohinder/Adam, appletinis
Heroes, Mohinder/Sylar, self-hatred
Heroes, Adam/Mohinder, the end of time
Heroes, Nathan/Peter, "Angels Would Fall" by Melissa Etheridge
Heroes, Matt/Mohinder, cop and robber
Heroes, The Haitian/Lyle, musicians
Heroes, Matt/Mohinder/Noah, good cop bad cop
Heroes, Elle/Claire 'baby mama'
Heroes, Sylar/Luke, Ten years from now
Heroes, Nathan/Mohinder, "Don't do this."
Heroes, Mohinder/Sylar, machination: a crafty scheme intended to accomplish some usually evil end.
Heroes, Sylar/Luke, 18 finally
Heroes, Sylar/Luke, athlete and coach and state championships
Heroes, Peter/Nathan, sweet and bitter
Heroes, Sylar/Mohinder, mythological (satyrs, centaurs, and merpeople, oh my!)
Heroes, Sylar/Mohinder, study abroad during college
Heroes, Neko!Mohinder/anyone, "Though desert men once called me God,/To-day men call me mad,/For I wag my tail when I'm angry,/And growl when I am glad.
Heroes, Fennec!Mohinder/Sylar, This picture
Heroes, Fennec!Mohinder/Sylar, grooming
Heroes, Mohinder/Sylar, Primal Urges
Heroes, Sylar/Luke, birdwatching
Heroes, Hiro/Ando, talking animal companions and why real life is cooler than anime.
Heroes, Mohinder/Adam, Adam's catching upon the past 30 years
Heroes, Micah/Molly, the cutest thing on all of youtube
Heroes, Mohinder/Monica, rainy day
Heroes, Gabriel/Elle, storm's coming
Heroes, brothers! Gabriel/Peter, starry night
Heroes, prince!Mohinder/courtesan!Sylar, the rainy season
Heroes, author's choice/author's choice (massive orgy!), toga party
Heroes, Mohinder/Elle, the worst birthday present ever
Heroes, succubus!Elle/any, learn to like it
Heroes, Mohinder/Sylar, endless
Heroes, Adam/Luke, Adam teaches Luke something that will be useful in the future.
Heroes, Peter/author's choice, need
Heroes, Nathan/Peter, "honestly do you have PMT or something?"
Heroes, Maya/Peter, left behind
Heroes, Matt/Monica, plastic
Heroes, Sylar/Peter, all this useless beauty
Heroes, Adam/Hiro, the heroes-for-hire cantina
Heroes, future!Peter/Claire, then and now
Heroes, Adam/Mohinder, Adam and Mohinder get left back in time, any time, I don't care
Heroes, Adam/The Haitian, pirates
Heroes, Mohinder/Adam, discovery
Heroes, fallen angel!Sylar/Noah, overprotective guardian
Heroes, Mohinder/Peter, "you are the reason for the smile on my face" (It's a New Day, Jennifer Cihi)
Heroes, Mohinder/Sylar, he has a way with cold-blooded things
Heroes, Mohinder/Sylar, (Fight Club) "You are not a beautiful and unique snowflake."
Heroes, Maya/Peter, left behind
Heroes, Matt/Monica, plastic
Heroes, Sylar/Peter, all this useless beauty
Heroes, Adam/Hiro, the heroes-for-hire cantina
Heroes, future!Peter/Claire, then and now
Heroes, Adam/Mohinder, Adam and Mohinder get left back in time, any time, I don't care
Heroes, Adam/The Haitian, pirates
Heroes, Mohinder/Adam, discovery
Heroes, fallen angel!Sylar/Noah, overprotective guardian
Heroes, Mohinder/Peter, "you are the reason for the smile on my face" (It's a New Day, Jennifer Cihi)
Heroes, Mohinder/Sylar, he has a way with cold-blooded things
Heroes, Elle/Monica, earmuffs
Heroes, girl!Sylar/Matt, "you should have known"
Heroes, girl!Hiro/Ando, "yeah, I think you did it wrong."
Heroes, Zane!Sylar/Mohinder, "Paradise by the Dashboard Light" (Meat Loaf)
Heroes Adam/Peter glass elevator
Heroes, Sylar/Author's choice, Brains, a parody to Shoes.
Heroes, Sylar/Luke, roadtrip games
Heroes, Adam/Claire, 'Fix Me'
Heroes, Claire/Elle, airline stewardesses
Heroes, Peter/Nathan, italian bakery
Heroes, Lyle, discovering his own superpowers
Heroes, Mohinder/Sylar 'everything changes'
Heroes, Claire/Sylar, special
Heroes, Mohinder/Nathan, bargain
Heroes, Peter/Elle, shock
Heroes, Lyle/Muggles, fearsome twosome
Heroes, Nathan/Peter, caught watching a Wincest fanvid
Heroes, Sylar/Mohinder, actions speak louder than words
Heroes, Lyle/Zach, demands
Heroes, Luke/Lyle, Chance meeting
Heroes, Sylar/Mohinder, it's not so black-and-white
Heroes, Matt/Mohinder, boys don't wear pink
Heroes, Sylar/Luke, the Grand Canyon
Heroes, Elle/Monica, earmuffs
Heroes, Sylar/Mohinder, "ooh, looked like that hurt"
Heroes, Mohinder/Matt, paisley
Heroes, Matt/Mohinder, beer vs. wine
Heroes, Gabriel solo, fall from grace
Heroes, Mohinder/Sylar, damsel in distress
Heroes, Mohinder/Sylar, strange kinks
Heroes, Sylar/Luke, under the diner table
Heroes, Adam/Claire, weirdest place
Heroes, Nathan/Noah, talking dirty
Heroes, Angela/Claire, haute couture
Heroes, Matt/anyone, "this could even get me arrested"
Heroes, Adam/Mohinder, immortality
Heroes, Nathan/Peter, betrayal
Heroes, Peter/Claire, Claire voluntarily enters an abusive relationship and Peter finds out
Heroes, Sylar/Luke, anonymous presents
Heroes, Mohinder/Sylar, 'green eyed monster'
Heroes, Mohinder/Sylar, Christmas present
Heroes, Sylar/Luke, Skin
Heroes, Matt/Mohinder, historical setting (Ancient Rome would be nice XD)
Heroes, Mohinder/Sylar, Shattered
Heroes, Elle/Claire, limits
Heroes, Mohinder/Sylar, arguing over what to watch on Wednesday nights
Heroes, Sylar/Luke, our song
Heroes, Zach/Lyle, untouched
Heroes, Sylar/Luke, heat
Heroes, Mohinder/Sylar, nightmares
Heroes, Mohinder/Sylar, arrest
Heroes, Peter/Mohinder/Sylar, Tension
Heroes, Peter/Sylar, Mirror Image
Heroes, Mohinder/Sylar, This stays between us
Heroes, Sylar/Luke, they don't know about us (cause they never heard of love)
Heroes, Hiro/Ando, Ando wants something kinky and Hiro doesn't even know what he means
Heroes, Peter/Nathan, underwear in the freezer
Heroes, Lyle/author's choice, Lyle's cunning prank freaks everyone out
Heroes, Mohinder/Sylar, blood stain on the ceiling
Heroes, Noah/Sylar, "Remember that one good day?" "More like an hour."
Heroes, Sylar/Peter, Sylar gets caught trying out a familiar face and Peter thinks he's getting another message from his future self
Heroes, shapeshifter!Sylar/anyone, "maybe something a little more familiar?"
Heroes (Vortex), Sylar/Gabrielle, it's all in the eyes
Heroes, Matt/Daphne, thinking of Mohinder
Heroes, Mohinder/S3!Gabriel, finding your boss's stash and taking advantage
Heroes, vampire!Sylar/Mohinder, scent
Heroes, werewolf!Mohinder/author's choice, a wolf in sheep's clothing
Heroes, Elle/Claire, 'red hot burning love'
Heroes, Mohinder/Adam, Sunset
Heroes, Mohinder/Elle, working lunch
Heroes, Sylar/Claire - Don't hold back
Heroes, Sylar/Daphne, "I'm a collector." "So am I."
Heroes, Sylar/author's choice, "this ability is fun!"
Heroes, Matt/Mohinder, she kept us in tune
Heroes, Matt/Mohinder, Chemical Reaction
Heroes, Gabriel and his father, fairy tales
Heroes, Angela/Noah, "and then I woke up"
Heroes, Zach/Claire, Activating Evolution (ie., Chandra's book)
Heroes, Adam/Elle, angel food cake
Heroes, Mohinder/Sylar, the moment of discovery
Heroes, Haitian/Lyle, can you keep a secret?
Heroes, Sylar/Peter, the first time we met
Heroes, Claire/Lyle, watching fanvids of Lost's Boone and Shannon
Heroes, Hiro/Charlie, blushing virgins
Heroes, Sylar/Luke, "you melted the door handle?"
Heroes, Mohinder/Matt, "Just because it's brightly-colored doesn't mean it's Molly's!"
Heroes, Sylar/Luke, tax collector
Heroes, Luke/Sylar, Firefly
Heroes, Sylar/Emile Danko, Edge of the blade
Heroes, Luke/Sylar, "I wanna hold your hand" (The Beatles)
Heroes, Sylar/Luke/Lyle, Home alone (not the film lol)
Heroes, kid!Gabriel, boogeyman
Heroes, Peter/Hiro, "I don't speak Japanese"
Heroes, Sylar/Peter, "anything you can do I can do better!"
Heroes, Hiro/Ando, school trip
Heroes, Gabriel Gray/Author's Choice, A First Kiss
Heroes, Mohinder/Adam, 'stop calling it love'
Heroes, Sylar/Mohinder, second chances
Heroes, author's choice, restless dreams
Heroes, Sylar/Peter, hellbound
Heroes, Mohinder/Sylar, Salivating (X-men 3)
Heroes, Sylar/Luke, "you'd make a hot Repo man!" (watching Repo! The Genetic Opera
Heroes, Matt/Mohinder, watching either 'So noTORIous' or '24' and getting off together on how that one guy looks a whole lot like Sylar
Heroes, Sylar/Danko, in the club!
Heroes, Sylar/Mohinder, "I don't say it enough, but I love you, man" "You've actually never said it"
Heroes, Mohinder/Elle, "I had no idea you were such a terrible dancer"
Heroes, Mohinder/Adam, never made it out of the limo on New Year's Eve
Heroes, Nathan/Mohinder, "Come on, live a little"
Heroes, Nathan/Peter, wincest (Supernatural)
Heroes, Micah, testing out his new fake I.D.
Heroes, Sylar/Peter, Come Up & Try My New Parts
Heroes, Sylar/Evil!Mohinder, "I'm not sure if I prefer you this way or not."
Heroes, Sylar/Luke, the newest dancer at the strip joint
Heroes, Mohinder/Adam, girly drinks
Heroes, winged!Nathan/Peter, evolution of a superpower
Heroes, Sylar/Mohinder/Gabriel, bizarro world
Heroes, Adam/Mohinder, weekend in Monte Carlo
Heroes, Adam/Angela, Socks
Heroes, teen!Angela/Adam, awestruck
Heroes, Mohinder/Elle, "I'm entirely too old for this"
Heroes, Matt/Mohinder, wet dreams
Heroes, Mohinder/Sylar, Osiris and Seth (you know the one)
Heroes, Mohinder/Sylar/Matt/Adam, the Judgement of Paris
Heroes, Adam/Elle, Apollo and Daphne
Heroes, Adam/Mohinder, Oisín in Tir na nÓg
Heroes, Peter/Sylar, the sex has made me stupid
Heroes, Bennet/Claude, mixed signals
Heroes, Hiro/Ando, Cherry Blossom Festival
Heroes, Ando/Hiro, nothing on my tongue but hallelujah
Heroes, Adam/Hiro, riding the dragon
Heroes, Niki/Mohinder, Micah and Molly go to the same school and these two single parents meet
Heroes, young!Angela, nightmare girl
Heroes, Micah, sleeping in the spider's web
Heroes, Sylar/Luke, shotgun
Heroes, Sylar/Luke, the Rape of Proserpine (Persephone)
Heroes, Sylar/author's choice, Loki and Sif's golden hair
Heroes, Peter/anyone, pain play
Heroes, Mohinder/Sylar, no atheists in a foxhole
Heroes, Peter/Elle, fairytales
Heroes, Mohinder/Author's choice, first time he let anyone do that to him
Heroes, Elle/Mohinder, but liquor is quicker
Heroes, Mohinder/Author's choice, Nutella
Heroes, Sylar/Peter, watermelon
Heroes, Matt/anyone, telepathy used in bed
Heroes, Peter/Nathan, "quit pouting and kiss me"
Heroes, Mohinder/Tracy, at Daphne and Ando's wedding
Heroes, shapeshifter!Sylar, the feel of taking on someone else's skin
Heroes, Sylar/Peter + Villian!Claire, "now, kiss and make up"
Heroes, Peter/Sylar, the last bag of Skittles
Heroes, Peter/Sylar, summer job
Heroes, author's choice, orgy
Heroes, Matt/Mohinder, sharing the blame
Heroes, Sylar/Mohinder, fumes in the lab
Heroes, Sylar/Luke, teenage pot use and bullshit statistics
Heroes, author's choice/author's choice, everything is Peter's fault
Heroes, Micah/Molly, hide and seek
Heroes, Nathan/Hiro, using touch to communicate
Heroes, Maya/Peter, too stupid to live
Heroes, Peter/Maya, bullet wounds
Heroes, Sylar/Luke, a little green...
Heroes, Nathan/Peter, weightless
Heroes, Daniel Linderman/Angela Petrelli, "The night you can't remember, the night I can't forget."
Heroes, Niki/Tracy, we could help each other
Heroes, werewolf!Mohinder/Sylar, unlikely cures
Heroes, Sylar/Danko, "Who are we hunting?" "No one, I just like the music here. Let's dance."
Heroes, Mohinder/any male character, "We're getting gay married, and I am not wearing this dress!"
Heroes, Matt/Adam, watching Alias
Heroes, Sylar/Luke, drive in movie
Heroes, Mohinder/Sylar, "This is a gay bar? I had no idea!"
Heroes, Peter/Claire/Future!Peter/Future!Claire, "Um, I don't know what just happened, but if that's me, then I scare me."
Heroes, Sylar/Peter, cynical
Heroes, Peter/Nathan, "Wait... You weren't actually drunk!"
Heroes, Claire/Elle, birthday cake
Heroes, Sylar/Mohinder, with opera music in the background
Heroes, Matt/Mohinder, sinful
Heroes, Mohinder/Gabriel Gray, Firefly
Heroes, Hiro/Ando, Doctor Who (Hiro is the Doctor!)
Heroes, Sylar/Claire, 'black heart'
Heroes, Sylar/Mohinder, the first apology
Heroes, Matt/Mohinder, aftershave/cologne
Heroes, Danko/Syler, in over his head
Heroes, Mohinder/Sylar, I'm Not Dead by Pink
Heroes, author's choice, "Violet Hill" by Coldplay
Heroes, Peter/Sylar, It's the Fear by Within Temptation
Heroes, Mohinder/Sylar, It's All Your Fault by Pink
Heroes, Matt/Mohinder, quarre
Heroes, Gabriel and Noah Gray, just the end of the world again
Heroes, Elle/Claire, “I thought it was just an act, but you really are sweet as fucking pie aren't you?” (But I’m A Cheerleader)
Heroes, Adam/Mohinder, grey hair
Heroes, Peter/Nathan/Sylar/Mohinder, "Total Chaos! The Messy Square Relationship" (Sailor Moon)
Heroes, Peter/Nathan, "He's making violent love to me, mother!" (It's a Wonderful Life)
Heroes, Elle, "Do you think God'll forgive us for what we've done?" (Man on Fire)
Heroes, Claire/Elle, "You didn't tell me you were taking me to gay bar!" "Where else would we go?" (But I'm a Cheerleader)
Heroes, Sylar/Claire, "fear me, love me, do as I say" (Labyrinth)
Heroes, Peter/Mohinder, "I swear, I didn't know I had pheromone powers!"
Heroes, Mohinder/Eden, Guilt
Heroes, Matt/Daphne, the rooftop in Paris
Heroes, Mohinder/Sylar, He's Just Not That Into You
Heroes, Sylar/Claire, Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde
Heroes, Adam/Lyle, Adam teaches Lyle something useful for the future.
Heroes, Hiro/Nathan, business trip
Heroes, Claire/Elle, Lies My Parents Told Me (Buffy)
Heroes, Sylar, "Some men just want to watch the world burn." (The Dark Knight)
Heroes, Peter/Nathan, high above the ocean
Heroes, Sylar, writing a "Dear Abby"-type column
Heroes, Sylar, "Like most men who never knew their father, Bill collected father figures." - Kill Bill Vol 2
Heroes, Peter/Sylar, same upbringing/personality but with switched abilities
Heroes, Elle/Sylar, "Since when did you start moonlighting as a stripper?"
Heroes, Sylar/Peter, "I didn't think you'd actually do it."
Heroes, Noah Gray/author's choice, The Wolves In The Walls
Heroes, Mohinder/Matt, morning crossword
Heroes, Elle/Gabriel, pancakes
Heroes, Matt/Mohinder, cookies and cream
Heroes, Claire/Elle, "Just because we're teenage girls with powers doesn't mean we're some sort of very special babysitting service!"
Heroes, Sylar/anyone, Sylar obtained a new power that allows him to change gender to seduce people of varying sexual orientations