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11 January 2009 @ 06:29 pm
Index: House MD  

House, House/Wilson, puppy dog eyes
House MD, House/Chase, please
House MD, House/Wilson, Winter Grass
House, Cuddy/Cameron, cake
House, House/Wilson, balcony
House, House/Wilson, at his mercy
House, House/Cuddy, discipline
House, House/Wilson, 'Ain't No Other Man'
House, House/Wilson, a non-medical mystery
House MD, House/Chase, waste not fresh tears over old griefs
House, House/Wilson, never tell
House MD, House/Chase, wombats like it hot
House, House/Cuddy, alternative medicine
House House/Wilson, '100 bottles of Vicodin on the wall'
House, House/Wilson, you owe me
House, House/Wilson, pretty things
House, House/Wilson, broken and scattered
House, House/Cuddy, no happy ending
House, Amber/Wilson, never fair
House MD, House/Wilson, friends and family
House, House/Wilson/Amber, trapped
House, House/Cuddy, a funny way of showing it
House, Chase/House, "You thought I was Wilson"
House, House/Wilson, our sweetest memory
House, House/Wilson, Better as a memory
House, House/dark!Wilson, can't forget
House MD, House/Wilson, Crime
House Md, House/Wilson, "And that is why you're not a gynecologist."
House MD, House/Wilson, Wish you were here *points to icon for inspiration*
House MD, House/Wilson, "Why?"
House, House/Wilson, blaming you
House, House/Wilson, what he doesn't know
House, House/Wilson, retaliation
House MD, House/Priest!Chase, getting corrupted
House, House/Wilson, kissing a frog
House, House/Wilson, handcuffs
House, House/Cuddy, the desk
House, House/Wilson, danger/dangerous
House, House/Wilson, Skiing Holiday
House MD, Author's choice of pairing, Feather
House, House/Thirteen, exploration
House, House/Wilson, secret sins
House, House/Wilson, only one night
House, House/Wilson, lying to protect you
House, House/Wilson, secret pain
House, House/Wilson, the only secret is that everybody knows
House, House/Cuddy, Things can be better, you can be happy. Try.
House MD, House/Wilson, "So, I did Chase."
House, House/dom!Wilson, all tied up
House MD, House/Wilson, Anything to make you smile
House, House/Wilson, faithful
House, House/Wilson, surprise roleplay
House, House/dark!Wilson, beautiful when you're broken
House MD, House/Wilson, Forgotten
House, House/Wilson, truth hurts
House, House/Wilson, Pain Clinic
House, House/Wilson, mind control
House, House/Wilson, one of them turned into an animal of some kind
House, House/Wilson, count on you to hurt me
House, House/Wilson/Amber (sub!House), with abandon
House, House/Wilson, The Beatles
House MD, House/Cuddy, "I can see Russia from my house!"
House, House/Wilson, "Only after disaster can we be resurrected."
House, House/Wilson, reality tv
House, House/Wilson, "My Life Would Suck Without You"
House MD, House/Cameron, Stubborn
House, Chase/Cameron/Foreman, familiar
House, House/dark!Wilson, love spell
House, House/Wilson/dead!Amber, sharing
House, House/Cuddy, Wake up
House MD, House/Wilson/Chase, high heels
House, House/dark!Wilson, the first glimpse
House, Dom!Chase/Bottom!House during the six months before he hired Cameron
House, House/Cuddy, it's his first time... but not in the way you might think
House, House/Chase, acing the interview
House, House/Foreman/Thirteen, domestic
House, House/Wilson/Cuddy, disciplinary action
House, House/Wilson, lupus
House, House/Wilson, the gunman
House, House/dark!Wilson, pre-any badness in their relationship, House has a warning dream
House, House/Cuddy, childhood
House, House/Wilson, watching Queer as Folk instead of The L Word
House, dom!wilson/sub!house, on his best behavior
House, House/Cuddy, This is where you're taking me? You're kidding right?
House MD, House/Cameron, Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights)
House MD, 13/Cameron, Closeness
House, House/Chase, white lab coat
House, House/Wilson, all his fault
House, House/Kutner, bring you back
House, House/Wilson, never thought he would
House, House/Wilson, in mortal danger
House, House/Wilson, payback
House MD, Wilson/Cameron, cold - the more angst the better
House, House/Wilson, how do you keep a secret from someone who sees everything?
House, House/Wilson, if I'd found you in time
House, House/Wilson, Wilson doesn't really exist, he never did
House, House/Wilson/dead!Amber, Wilson can't see her
House, House/Wilson, 12 Monkeys (think apocalyptic :P hehe)
House MD, House/Wilson, "And there's the foundation of our entire friendship. If you hadn't been bored one weekend, it wouldn't even exist." "Hey, 3,000 people at that conference. You were the one I thought wasn't boring. That says something."
House, sub!House/Wilson/Amber, ownership
House, House/dark!Wilson, secret
House, House/Wilson, Strip joint (with a twist)
House, House/Wilson, broken
House, House/Wilson, blindfold
House, House/Wilson/Amber, "If you're going to act like a child..."
House, House/Wilson, hurts so good
House, House/evil twin!Wilson, things he'd never do
House, House/Wilson, total control
House, House/Wilson/Amber, punishment
House, Chase/Cameron, the night is here, the day is gone
House, House/Wilson, what infarction?
House MD, House/Cameron, Letting go
House, House/Wilson, guarded
House, House/Cuddy, flirting
House, House/Foreman, just like me
House, Kutner/any character, if I'd been there in time
House, House/Wilson, false accusation
House MD, House/Cuddy, Octomom
House, House/Wilson, American Idol elimination round
House, House/Wilson, "I believe in Garp"
House MD, Stupid!Forman/Blond!Chase, Where´s the "any" key (Simpson)
House MD, House/Wilson "How to loose a guy in 10 days"
House, House/Cuddy/Wilson + baby, holiday meal
House MD, House/Chase/Cameron, All I want for...!?!
House, House/Cuddy/Wilson, Poker
House, sub!House/Wilson/Amber, plaything
House, House/Chase/Cameron, middleman :P
House MD, House/Wilson, "You have pretty hair"
House, House/vamp!Wilson, possessive
House, House/Wilson, master
House MD, House/Wilson, "I love you, man"
House MD, Wilson/House, purple (preferable drugged!Wilson)
House, House/Wilson, contestants in a male pageant
House, House/Cuddy, dominatrix practice
House MD, House/Wilson/Chase, Dream come true
House, House/Author's Choice, "god, I hate this British shit" (Jeeves & Wooster)
House, House/Cuddy/Wilson, Rachel's first birthday
House, House/Chase, saying sorry
House, House/Chase, Anzac Day
House, House/Wilson, music for when you're angry
House, House, LSD/Music/Masturbation During the episode Distractions - He licked at every inch of skin he could, ran his hands over the rest. There was no pain in his head or leg and for once Gregory House loved himself.
House, Wilson, vibration, Wilson learns why House loves his motorcycle and learns to love it too.
House, Remy/Alison, strap on toys can be so much fun
House, House/Cuddy, Doing this here, you want to get caught
House, House/dead!Amber/dead!Kunter, Mad Hatter's Tea Party
House, House/Wilson/Amber, The road not taken
House, House/Old Team & New Team, Competition
House, House/anyone, visiting hours
House, House/dark!Wilson, ignored 'no'
House, House/dark!Wilson, blade
House, House/Wilson, Oral fixation
House, House/Wilson, drugged
House, House/Wilson, Happiness isn't boring
House, House/Wilson, new bike part
House, House/anyone, glad you came
House, House/Wilson/Cuddy, therapy
House, Chase/Cameron/PoorDeadHusband, Threes a crowd
House, House/Kutner, DeathCat
House, House/Wilson, Daedalus and Icarus (who flew too close to the sun)
House, House/Cuddy, I don't know what to say
House, House/Wilson/Amber, second best
House, House/Wilson, draw the blinds
House, House/Wilson, "I don't care if it hurts... I said bend over the desk."
House, House/Cuddy, First day back
House, House/Wilson, textures
House, House/dark!Wilson, sensory deprivation
House, House/Wilson, Food from your plate.
House MD, House/Wilson, "I forgot how to do my zipper."
House, House/Wilson, a step forward
House, House/Wilson, pain
House, House/Wilson, Serenity
House M.D, House/Wilson, Torchwood
House, House/Wilson, knife
House, Chase/Wilson, guilt
House, Wilson/Amber/Sub!House, AU - One year anniversary of the arrangement and how all three of them are happy, House most of all
House MD, House/Wilson, The first time Wilson thought of House while... "flying solo"
House, House/Wilson, water
House, House/Wilson, paperwork
House, House/Amber, "It's not sexual harassment if we no longer work together."
House, House/Wilson, forced
House, House/Wilson, house call
House, House/Wilson, visiting (POV of Mayfield patient/staff member)
House, House/dark!Wilson, concerned (Chase's POV)
House, House/dark!Wilson, oblivious (Cuddy's POV)
House MD, House/Wilson, A perfect place for the baby grand
House MD, House/Wilson (established relationship) Wilson´s new pet
House, House/Wilson, chocolate-covered strawberries
House, House/Wilson, House hallucinates girl!Wilson
House MD, House/Wilson, "We... You... I... There is a good reason I can´t... you can´t... We just can´t have sex, okay?"
House MD, House/Wilson (domestic bliss), Wilson has the annoying habit of "misplacing" House´s things
House MD, House/Wilson, "God, you're a horrible patient." (House, obviously, being the patient)
House, House/Wilson, "I See Dead People" (Alias)
House, House/Wilson, "You can't handle the truth" (A Few Good Men)
House, House/Wilson, taking advantage
House, House/Wilson, "let me show you how it's done"
House, House/Wilson, this is how you walk with a cane
House, House/Wilson, learning to submit
House, Wilson/Amber/Sub!House, Picking a Safe Word
House, House/Wilson, complete submission
House, House/Wilson, split personality
House, House/Wilson, the first punch
House, Wilson & House, watching soap operas together
House MD, House/Wilson, first visit to House's home
House, House/Wilson, stuck in a musical
House, Wilson/Amber/House, AU, If Amber Hadn't Died - Domestic Arrangement
House, House/dark!Wilson, domestic disturbance
House, House/Cuddy/Wilson, drawing blood
House, House/Amber/Wilson, broken
House, House/Wilson, to the limit
House, House/Wilson/Amber, short circuit
House, House/Amber, betrayal
House, House/dark!Wilson, sweet revenge
House, House/anyone, vending machine
House, House/dark!Wilson, vulnerable
House, House/dark!Wilson, only when he's been drinking
House, House/Wilson, road trip
House, House/dark!Wilson, lessons in consequences