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11 January 2009 @ 05:56 pm
Index: Crossovers III (RPS)  

RPS/Angel the series, Christian Kane/Lindsey McDonald, guitar
Angel/RPS, Spike/Christian Kane, You look good for a dead lawyer.
AtS/RPS, Lindsey/Chris, "Hey, think it's really hot enough to fry eggs outside?"
RPS/Leverage, goth!steve/goth!chris/were!nate, I think he's laughing AT you...

CWRPS/Angel/Leverage, Chris/Lindsey/Eliot, mirror
RPS/Leverage/AtS, Chris/Eliot/Lindsey, Lindsey's turn for troublemaking
Leverage/RPS/AtS, Eliot/Chris/Lindsey, "YOUTUBE?! Seriously, it's on YouTube?!"
RPS/AtS/Leverage, Chris/Lindsey/Eliot, tattoos (extra points if it's not Lindsey/not just Lindsey)
RPS/AtS/Leverage, Chris/Lindsey/Eliot, brown hair blue eyes and a fistful of trouble
Angel/Leverage/RPS, Eliot/Lindsey/Christian, black ink, golden skin
AtS/RPS/Leverage, Lindsey/Chris/Eliot, holding dimension - 'Damn, Lindsey, what did you do??!'
AtS/RPS/Leverage, Lindsey/Chris/Eliot, holding dimension - "That was easy. Where next?"
AtS/RPS/Leverage, Lindsey/Chris/Eliot, Rio - Carnivale - "... what are you doing with those beads?"
RPS/AtS/Leverage, Christian/Lindsey/Eliot, somebody's idea of a joke
RPS/Angel/Leverage, Chris/Lindsey/Eliot + Spike, Angel's office
Leverage/AtS/RPS, triplets AU, identity switch goes wrong
RPS/Leverage/AtS, Chris/Eliot/Lindsey, Steve, which one's which
Leverage/RPS/AtS, Eliot/Christian/Lindsey, Save a horse - Ride a cowboy
Leverage/RPS/Angel, Eliot/Chris Kane/Lindsey, 'hey y'all - watch this!'
Leverage/Angel/CWRPS, Eliot Spencer/Lindsey McDonald/Christian Kane
Leverage/AtS/RPS, Eliot/Lindsey/Chris, videotape
Leverage/AtS/RPS, Eliot/Lindsey/Chris, warm summer sun
Leverage/AtS/RPS, Nate/Eliot/Lindsey/Chris/Steve, Soco and tequila
RPS/Leverage/AtS, Chris/Eliot/Lindsey, triplet male strippers
Leverage/RPS/AtS, Eliot/Chris/Lindsey, Saturday night movie marathon - popcorn and snacks and...making out?
Leverage/RPS/AtS, Eliot/Chris/Lindsey, reruns
Leverage/AtS, Eliot/Lindsey, being mistaken for twins/brothers
Leverage/RPS/ATS, Eliot/Chris/Lindsey, Lindsey gets possessed
RPS/Leverage/ATS, Chris/Eliot/Lindsey, something goes wrong at the office and Lindsey's turned into a girl
RPS/ATS/Leverage, Chris/girl!Lindsey/Eliot/author's choice, the same but different
RPS/Leverage/ATS, Chris/Eliot/girl!Lindsey/author's choice, soft enough to touch
Angel/Leverage/RPS, Lindsey/Eliot/Chris, we need to get a bigger shower
RPS/AtS/Leverage, Chris/Lindsey/Eliot, home is where you are
RPS/Leverage/Angel, Chris/Eliot/Lindsey, drunken fumbling
Leverage/RPS/AtS, Eliot/Chris/Lindsey, sleeping in
RPS/Leverage/AtS, Chris/Eliot/Lindsey, tattoos
Leverage/RPS/AtS, Eliot/Chris/Lindsey, first time drunk
RPS/Leverage/AtS, Chris/Eliot/Lindsey, toys
Leverage/AtS/RPS, Parker/girl!Lindsey/Nate and/or Sophie, "you really don't wanna go in there boss..."
RPS/Angel/Leverage, Chris/Lindsey/Eliot, what do you mean, he's the good triplet?!
Leverage/RPS/AtS, Eliot/Chris/Lindsey/author's choice, pixie stix
Leverage/RPS/AtS, Eliot/Christian/Lindsey, separation anxiety
RPS/Leverage/ATS, Chris/Eliot/Lindsey/Parker +author's choice(s), in fact it's bad for our health...
RPS/Leverage/ATS, Chris/Eliot/Lindsey + Parker, that much caffeine and sugar cannot be a good idea
Leverage/RPS/AtS, Eliot/Chris/Lindsey, mini!triplets watching cartoons
Leverage/RPS/AtS, Eliot/Chris/Lindsey, the best prank they ever pulled
Leverage/RPS/AtS, Eliot/Christian/Lindsey, phantom pain
Leverage/AtS/RPS, Eliot/Lindsey/Chris, I told you not to touch that!
Leverage/RPS/AtS, Eliot/Chris/Lindsey, when we were young...
Angel/Leverage/RPS, Lindsey/Eliot/Christian, hot sticky sweet
RPS/ATS/Leverage, Chris/Steve/Jensen/Jared/Jeff/Lindsey/Eliot/author's choice(s), you didn't actually think you'd get away with that did you?
RPS/ATS/Leverage, Chris/Steve/Misha/Jensen/Jared/Lindsey/Spike/Eliot/Parker/Hardison + Angel, this is the part where I back away slowly and hope to god no one notices me
Leverage/RPS/AtS, Eliot/Chris/Lindsey, spell induced amnesia
Leverage/RPS/ATS, Eliot/Chris/Lindsey/author's choices, "What do you mean, that's what Angel deserves...?"
Leverage/ATS/RPS, Nate/Eliot/Lindsey/Angel/Chris/Steve, "I can't even hit him anymore!" "...Well, he is a vampire. Does that help?"

Buffy/RPS, Drusilla/Steve Carlson, sing for me, my pretty bird

KaneRPS/Dollhouse, doll!Chris/handler!Steve, escape
RPS/Dollhouse, doll!Jensen/handler!Jared, look
RPS/Dollhouse, Doll!Chris/Handler!Steve, stay with me
RPS/Dollhouse, doll!Chris/handler!Steve, remember
RPS/Dollhouse, Doll!Chris/Handler!Steve, regrets
RPS/Dollhouse, Doll!Chris/Handler!Steve, alone
RPS/Dollhouse, Doll!Chris/Handler!Steve, dreaming
RPS/Dollhouse, doll!Jensen/handler!Jared, heat
RPS/Dollhouse, doll!Jensen/handler!Jared, look
RPS/Dollhouse, Doll!Chris/Handler!Steve, restless
RPS/Dollhouse, Doll!Christian Kane/handler!Steve Carlson, "should I remember you?"
Dollhouse/RPF, Ben Browder/author's choice, Ben is a doll
RPS/Dollhouse, Doll!Chris/Handler!Steve, it hurts
RPS/Dollhouse, Doll!Taylor/Handler!Hugh, first contact
Dollhouse/RPS, handler!Hugh/doll!Tyler, You taste funny!
RPS/Dollhouse, Doll!Chris/Handler!Steve, vacation
RPS/Dollhouse, doll!Chris/handler!Steve, Defiance
RPS/Dollhouse, Handler!Hugh/Doll!Taylor, connecting

RPS/Dr. Who
Doctor Who/RPS, Doctor!Steve/Chris/Jack, mine
RPS/Doctor Who, Steve/10, upstairs
RPS/Doctor Who, Doctor!Steve Carlson/Christian Kane, sonic screwdriver
Kane RPS/Doctor Who, Doctor!Steve/Chris, "It's bigger on the inside-" "That sounds pretty damn kinky to me..."
Doctor Who/RPS, Doctor!Steve/Chris/Jack, scarf

Firefly/RPS, companion!Christian Kane/Inara, "old friends, warm welcome"
RPS/Firefly, companion!Christian Kane/author's choice, Osiris
Firefly/RPS, companion!Christian Kane/author's choice, the light in your eyes, the song on your tongue
Firefly/RPS, companion!Christian Kane/Inara Serra, be still and breathe
RPS/Firefly, companion!Christian Kane/author's choice, a billion miles away and I'm still right here beside you
Firefly/RPS, Inara/Christian Kane, the finer things
Firefly/RPS, companion!Chris/Inara, lost in the Black
RPS/Firefly, companion!Chris/Inara/author's choice, when you're mended (you're safe here)
Kane RPS/Firefly, companion!Chris/Inara/author's choice, wake up baobei
RPS/Firefly, companion!Christian Kane/Mal, "Keeping me on board is the very definition of mo min chi meow (ridiculously illogical or nonsensical)..." "If'n you asked Inara she'd tell you I'm no end of stupid."
RPS/Firefly, companion!Chris/Mal/author's choice, there's gotta be a mighty good reason someone wants a fancy Companion like you sent right on to the dark place...
RPS/Firefly, companion!Chris/author's choice, it's like lai huh moh sheong tze tian uh zoh (literally "for a toad to think of eating a swan")
RPS/Firefly, former companion!Jensen Ackles/JDM, first meeting
RPS/Firefly, former companion!Jensen Ackles/author's choice (or solo), first scars
RPS/Firefly, former companion!Jensen/mechanic!Jared, swallow you down like fine wineRPS/Firefly, mechanic!Jared Padalecki/gunman!Jason Mamoa/Kaylee, damn fine moonshine
RPS/Firefly; Captain!Jeff/Companion!Jensen, "sweetest tongue in the 'verse."
RPS/Firefly, companion!Chris/Kaylee, strawberries and sugar are good for the soul
RPS/Firefly, former companion!Jensen/mechanic!Jared/gunman!Jason, fingers and flames (like moths unburned)
RPS/Firefly, mechanic!Jared/captain!Jeff, hiring process
RPS/Firefly, mechanic!Jared Padalecki/gunman!Jason Mamoa, engine grease
RPS/Firefly, captain!Jeff Morgan/Pauley Perrette, scarred fingers
RPS/Firefly, pilot!Pauley/author's choice, The wind on her face
RPS/Firefly, pilot!Pauley/author's choices, the smell of sex in my cockpit
Firefly/RSP, Inara/Companion!Chris, She always gets her way.
RPS/Firefly, medic!Samantha Ferris/author's choice, "so help me if you raise your rump off that gorram chair I will tie you down my own self"
RPS/Firefly, crazy pilot!Pauley Perrette/author's choice, "My cockpit, my rules, and don't you ruttin' argue with me"
Firefly/RPS, Inara/Pirate!Cane, I am stronger than you
RPF/Firefly, medic!Sam/author's choice, Sit your ass down, boy!
RPF/Firefly, pilot!Pauley/author's choice, Waltzing in combat boots
RPS/FF, companion!Christian Kane/Inara, Sinhon seems so long ago
RPS/Firefly, companion!Christian Kane/Mal, "You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy." (Star Wars: A New Hope)
RPS/Firefly, Inara/companion!Christian Kane, I know what I'm talking about (why won't you just listen)
Firefly/RPS, companion!Christian Kane/Inara/Mal, "not as stuffy as I expected"

Heroes/Heroes RPS, Mohinder/Zachary Quinto, "Well, I'm more turned on than anything else."
Heroes/RPS, Peter/Adrian, you're not my brother
Heroes RPF, Sylar vs. Tim Kring, "What the hell are you doing to my character?!"
Heroes/Politics, Noah Bennet/Rahm Emanuel, more than one way to skin a cat
US Politics/Heroes, Rahm Emanuel/Nathan Petrelli, "I don't like your face, Senator."

RPS/Kushiel's Legacy
Kushiel's Legacy/RPS Anguisette!Jensen/Cassiline Brother!Jared, practice makes perfect.
Kushiel's Legacy/RPS, Anguisette!Jensen/Patron!Jeff (POV Cassiline!Jared), all knowledge is worth having.
Kushiels Legacy/RPS, Anguisette!Jensen/Patron!Jeff, first meeting
Kushiel's Legacy/RPS, Anguisette!Jensen/Cassiline!Jared, My Dirty Little Book of Stolen Time.

Leverage/RPS, Eliot Spencer/Christian Kane, wall
Kane RPS/Leverage, Steve Carlson/Eliot Spencer, not a mistake
RPS/Leverage, Christian/Eliot, mirror
RPS/Leverage, Jeff/Nate, control
RPS/Leverage, Jeff/Nate, boss
RPS/Leverage, Steve/Chris/Eliot, double trouble
RPS/Leverage, Jeff/Eliot, fight
rps/leverage, goth!steve/werewolf!nate, coax
RPS/Leverage, Steve/Chris/Eliot, can't get enough
rps/leverage, goth!chris/werewolf!nate, nourish
RPS/Leverage, Goth!Steve/Goth!Chris/Werewolf!Nate, "Oh tell me he did NOT just to try hump my leg!"
RPS/Leverage, Goth!Chris/Goth!Steve/Were!Nate, When the chips are down...
Leverage/RPS, Eliot Spencer/Jensen Ackles, Jensen thinks Eliot is his friend Christian Kane but Eliot is on a job and Jensen is gonna mess things up
RPS/Leverage, Steve/Chris/Eliot, explain
leverage/rps, Goth!verse Chris/Were!Nate, Not hungry for food
Leverage/Rps, goth!Steve/Were!Nate, possessive
Leverage/RPS, were!Nate/Any!Goth, growl
RPS/Leverage, Goth!Chris/Goth!Steve/Were!Nate, full moon over LA
RPS/Leverage, succubus!Steve Carlson/Eliot Spencer, you remind me of someone
RPS/Leverage, Steve Carlson/Christian Kane/Eliot Spencer, whiskey in mind
Leverage/RPS, Nate/Chris, don't I know you?
rps/leverage, goth!chris/goth!steve/were!nate, warm
RPS/Leverage, Goth!Chris/Were!Nate, "When are you coming home?"
RPS/Leverage, Steve Carlson/Eliot Spencer, maybe better than the real thing
Leverage/RPS, Chris/Steve/Eliot, handcuffs
rps/leverage, goth!boy/were!nate, shelter from the storm
RPS/Leverage, Goth!Chris/Goth!Steve/Were!Nate, Thunderstorm
Leverage/RPS, Nate/JDM/teen!Jared/teen!omc, this tall to ride
Leverage/RPS, Nate + teen!Jared/teen!omc, fun in the sun
Leverage/RPS, Eliot + teen!Jared/teen!omc, you want to spend your holiday working on a car?
Leverage/RPS, Nate/JDM (+ author's choices), you don't have to do it alone
Leverage/RPS, teen!Joven & Jared, waterfight in the backyard on a sunny day
Leverage/RPS, Nate/JDM/baby!omc, yours mine and ours
RPS/Leverage, Nate/Jeff, baby!Joven, baby!Jared, meeting Jared
Leverage/RPS, Nate/JDM, teen!Joven, "It's six-thirty in the morning - no teenager should be that awake!"
Leverage/RPS, Nate/JDM +baby!omc, "stop worrying, the boy's asleep" (first time)
RPS/Leverage, Goth!Steve/Goth!Chris/Werewolf!Nate, morning
RPS/Leverage, Goth!Chris/Goth!Steve/Were!Nate, trying to decide what's for dinner
RPS/Leverage, Goth!Steve/Goth!Chris/Werewolf!Nate, morning
Leverage/RPS, Eliot/superhero!Christian Kane +author's choices, "Why do you always fuckin' do that? Can't you do anything else with that damn voice o'yours?"
RPS/Leverage, superhero!Kane/Steve (+Eliot), So this one time, with a synthesizer...
Leverage/RPS, Nate/Sophie/Hardison superhero!Jensen Ackles/superhero!Christian Kane, "Did I just see what I think I just saw?"
Leverage/RPS, Eliot/Hardison/Parker/superhero!Jensen Ackles/superhero!Christian Kane/villains of choice, you've got to be shitting me
RPS/Leverage, Goth!Steve/Goth!Chris/Werewolf!Nate, trust
RPS/Leverage, Goth!Chris/Goth!Steve/Were!Nate, waiting at the airport
RPS/Leverage, Goth!Steve/Goth!Chris/Were!Nate, homecoming
rps/leverage, goth!chris/goth!steve/were!nate, comfort

SGA RPS/SGA, Joe Flanigan/Dr. Rodney McKay, real/not real
RPS/SGA, Joe/John/Rodney, "this is better than the really good porn"
RPS/SGA, Jason Momoa/John Sheppard, I don't remember you being that crazy
SGA/SGA RPS, Joe/John/Rodney, "do you take orders as well as he does?"
RPS/SGA, Joe Flanigan/Ronon Dex, huh

RPS/The Black Donnellys, Christian Kane/Tommy Donnelly, whiskey
RPS/FPS, Steve Carlson/author's choice of Christian Kane characters, not the real thing
Rps/Gilmore girls, Jensen/Dean Forrester, Lost puppy
RPS/FPS, Jeffrey Dean Morgan/author's choice of Christian Kane characters, watch
RPS, priest!JDM/daddy!Jeff/evil!John, need
NCIS/RPS, Abby Scuito/Christian Kane/Steve Carlson, in the interrogation room
RPS/NCIS, teen!Jared/teen!OMC + Abby, "Are you sure you wanna let him drive?"