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11 January 2009 @ 06:37 pm
Index: Kane RPS  

RPS, Chris/Steve, snuggling
RPS, Christian/Steve, dopey, or painkillers
RPS, Chris/Steve, warm
RPS, Chris/Steve, happy
RPS, Christian/Steve, sunshine
RPS, vampire!Steve/Chris, silk
RPS, succubus!Chris/Steve, lazy morning
RPS, vampire!Steve/Chris, whimper
RPS, winged!Chris/Steve, thunderstorm
RPS, winged!Chris/Steve, home
RPS, cat!Chris/Steve, warm afternoon sun
RPS, Chris/Steve, shower
RPS, Chris/Steve, cosy
RPS, Chris/Steve, upset
RPS, Chris/Steve, heart
RPS, Vampire!Steve/Chris, starlight
RPS, Chris Kane/Steve Carlson, pigtails
RPS, pirate!Christian Kane/merchant!Steve Carlson, bound
RPS, pirate!Chris/merchant!Steve, accoutrements
RPS, Christian Kane/Steve Carlson, smooth
RPS, Chris/Steve, lazy
RPS, Christian/Steve, chocolate
RPS, Christian Kane/Steve Carlson, strawberries & cream
RPS, pirate!Chris/merchant!Steve, knife
RPS, Christian Kane/Steve Carlson, baby
RPS, pirate!Chris/merchant!Steve, dangerous
RPS, pirate!Chris/merchant!Steve, resist
RPS, Christian Kane/Steve Carlson, stretch marks
RPS, Chris/Steve, making Chris come without touching him
RPS, Vampire!Steve/Chris, gag
RPS, Chris/Jeff, ouch
RPS, Chris/Steve, drunk
RPS, Vampire!Steve/Chris, messy
RPS, Chris/Jeff, too much
RPS, Chris/authors choice, painkillers
RPS, pirate!Chris/merchant!Steve, injured
RPS, Christian Kane/Steve Carlson, keeping quiet
RPS, Chris/Steve, apron
RPS, Chris/Steve, cowboy boots
RPS, Chris/Steve, bandana
RPS, pirate!Christian Kane/author's choice, bandana
RPS, Christian Kane/Steve Carlson, uniform
RPS, Christian Kane/Steve Carlson, suits
RPS, Christian Kane/Steve Carlson, orange
RPS, Christian Kane/Steve Carlson, cheerleader
RPS, Chris/Steve, missing you
RPS, Steve Carlson/Chris Kane, left outside alone
RPS, Chris/Steve, hospital
RPS, Chris/Steve, dying
RPS, winged!Chris/Steve, bruises
RPS, Chris/Steve, tired
RPS, vampire!Steve/Chris, middle of the night
RPS, Chris/Steve, breakfast in bed
RPS, Chris/Steve, 'til I hear from you
RPS, Vampire!Steve/Chris, dreams
RPS, Chris/Steve, soothe
RPS, Winged!Steve, scars
RPS, Chris/Steve, chocolate
RPS, Chris/Steve, "I belong where you are"
RPS, Chris/Steve, playful
RPS, Christian Kane/Steve Carlson, lie
RPS, Chris/Steve, fancy dress
RPS, Christian Kane/Steve Carlson, lingerie
RPS, Chris/Steve, late
RPS, Vampire!Steve/Chris, seduce
RPS, Winged!Chris/Steve, sunrise
RPS, pirate!Kane/merchant!Carlson, the horizon
RPS, succubus!Chris/pet!Steve, sunset
RPS, Chris/Steve, the family pet
RPS, Steve Carlson/Christian Kane, steve topless and baking
RPS, Vampire!Steve/Chris, pierce
RPS, Chris/Steve, craving
RPS, Kitty!Chris/Steve, catnip
RPS, Succubus!Chris/Pet!Steve, soft
RPS, Vampire!Steve/Chris, mouth
RPS, Chris/Steve, day off
RPS, Winged!Chris/Steve, massage
RPS, Christian/Steve, gagged
RPS, Chris/Steve, in the darkness
RPS, Christian Kane/Steve Carlson, crying
RPS, Steve Carlson/Christian Kane, "Peaceful Easy Feeling" (Eagles)
RPS, Chris/Steve, night on the beach
RPS, Steve Carlson/Christian Kane, first kiss
RPS, Chris/Steve, Valentine's day
RPS, Pirate!Chris/Merchant!Steve, storm
RPS, Chris/Steve, voice
RPS, Succubus!Chris/Pet!Steve, magic
RPS, Vampire!Steve/Chris, dawn
RPS, Chris/Steve, pliant
RPS, Succubus!Chris/Pet!Steve, wish
RPS, Chris/Steve, thank you
Kane RPS, Chris/Steve, spin
RPS, Chris/author's choice, chaps
RPS, Chris/Steve, guitar
rps, Kitty!Chris/Steve, Cat Scratch Fever by Ted Nugent
RPS, winged!Christian Kane/Steve Carlson, fingertips
RPS, winged!Chris/Steve, flutter
RPS, winged!Chris/Steve, quiet
RPS, succubus!Steve/Christian, faithful
RPS, Winged!Chris/Steve, freak
RPS, Succubus!Chris/Pet!Steve, fragile
RPS, Vampire!Steve/Chris, trust
RPS, Succubus!Chris/Pet!Steve, lavish
KaneRPS, Vampire!Steve/Chris, mark
KaneRPS, Vampire!Steve/Chris, whisper
RPS, Chris/Steve, a week off
RPS, Chris/Steve, easy
Kane RPS, Chris/Steve, after the party
RPS, Chris/Steve, love is.
RPS, Chris/Steve, need
RPS, Christian/Steve, kitchen
RPS, Chris/Steve, promise
RPS, Chris/Steve, tied up
RPS, succubus!Chris/pet!Steve, good boy
RPS, Kitty!Chris/Steve, sprawl
RPS, Teenage!Kitten!Chris/Teenage!Steve, first kiss
RPS, Steve/Chris, dirty talking voice mail
RPS, Dom!Steve/sub!christian, collar
RPS, Vampire!Steve/Chris, delicious
RPS, Kitty!Chris/Steve, purr
RPS, Steve/Christian, 2AM
RPS, Christian Kane/Steve Carlson, piercings
RPS, Christian Kane/Steve Carlson, wolves
RPS, Chris/Steve, injured
RPS, Chris/Steve, fancy dress
RPS, Goth!Chris Kane/Goth!Steve Carlson, "Can I borrow your eyeliner?"
RPS, Pirate!Chris/Merchant!Steve, obey
RPS, Goth!Chris Kane/Goth!Steve Carlson, When the music's over
RPS, Goth!Chris Kane/Goth!Steve Carlson, pink
RPS, goth!Chris/goth!Steve, fluffy kind of evil
RPS, Chris/Steve, laugh
RPS, Steve/Chris, "So, triplets huh?"
RPS, Chris/Steve, three words I couldn't say last night
RPS, Kitty!Chris/Steve, swimming
RPS, Kitty!Chris/Steve, bath time
Kane RPS, Goth!Chris/Goth!Steve, revenge
RPS, Chris/Steve, bad day
RPS, Chris/Steve, nipple clamps
RPS, Chris/Steve, tears
RPS, Chris/Steve, melt
RPS, Chris/Steve, together
RPS, Chris/Steve, protective
RPS, Werewolf!Chris/Goth!Steve, morning after
RPS, Chris/Steve, vibrating cock ring
RPS, Winged!Chris/Steve, rain
RPS, Chris/Steve, "how was I supposed to know we were being filmed"
RPS, Chris/author's choice, something new
rps, kitty!chris/steve carlson, holiday of author's choice
RPS, Winged!Chris/Steve, gentle
RPS, Chris/Steve, tantrum
RPS, Christian Kane/Steve Carlson, tattoos
RPS, Christian Kane/Steve Carlson, dancing
RPS, Chris/Steve, sunburn
RPS, pirate/Kane/merchant!Carlson, red sky at morning
RPS, pirate!Kane/merchant!Carlson, eye of the storm
RPS, goth!Chris/goth!Steve, revenge of the cymbal-wielding monkeys
RPS, Kane/de-aged!Carlson, carnival rides
RPS, Chris/Steve, Steve's newly short hair
RPS, Chris/Steve, cold
RPS, Succubus!Chris/Steve, silence
Kane RPS, Chris/Steve, on the road again
Kane RPS, Chris/Steve, possessive
RPS, Kitty!Chris/Steve, lick
RPS, Kitty!Chris/Steve, flea collar
RPS, chris/steve, I'm not as think as you drunk I am.
RPS, kitty!chris/Steve, black trench coat
Kane RPS, demon!Chris/angel!Steve, truce
rps, kitty!chris/steve, furbie
RPS, kitty!Chris/Steve, high school
RPS, Chris/Steve, hush
RPS, Chris/Steve, ready
RPS, Christian Kane/Steve Carlson, talk to me
RPS, goth!Chris/goth!Steve, bite
Kane RPS, goth!Chris/goth!Steve, handcuffs
Kane RPS, goth!Chris/goth!Steve, restraint
Kane RPS, goth!Chris/goth!Steve, desperate
Kane RPS, goth!Chris/goth!Steve, mark
RPS, Chris/Steve, collar
RPS, Chris/Steve, key
Kane RPS, werewolf!Chris/goth!Steve, before the full moon
Kane RPS, goth!Chris/goth!Steve, linger
RPS, Goth!Chris/Goth!Steve, hands
RPS, goth!verse-Chris/Steve, hiding
RPS, Pirate!Chris/Merchant!Steve, numb
RPS, Any!Kitty!Chris/Steve, pet fish
RPS, Chris/Steve, moan
RPS, succubus!Christian/pet!Steven, featherlight
RPS, succubus!Christian/pet!Steven, broken hallelujah
RPS, pirate!Kane/merchant!Carlson, behold I am become Shiva
RPS, Chris/Steve, forest through the trees
RPS, pirate!Chris/merchant!Steve, in dreams
RPS, Christian Kane/Steve Carlson, music
RPS, vampire!Steve/Christian, once bitten
RPS, Christian Kane/Steve Carlson, cowboys and kisses
RPS, Vampire!Steve/Chris, incoherent
RPS, pirate!Kane/merchant!Steve, can't admit I miss you
RPS, pirate!Kane/merchant!Carlson, le belle de sans merci
RPS, pirate!Kane/merchant!Carlson, happiness has forgotten our names
RPS, Chris/Steve, blue eyes
RPS, Were!Chris/Wizard!Steve, red
RPS, any!Chris/any!Steve, seeing red
RPS, winged!Chris/Steve, cute when you blush
RPS, Kitty!Chris/Steve, catch
RPS, Vampire!Steve/Chris, imagine
RPS, Kitty!Chris/Steve, lap
RPS, Christian/author's choice, dub con
RPS, Winged!Christian/Steve, childhood bullies
RPS, Christian Kane/Steve Carlson/author's choice, kiss
RPS, Chris/Steve, not as bad as it looks
RPS, Vampire!Steve/Chris, recovery
RPS, Chris/Steve, bed
RPS, Chris/Steve, kissing in the rain
RPS, Christian Kane/Steve Carlson, heartbreaker
RPS, Chris/Steve, snug
rps, goth!chris/goth!steve, the logistics of sex in space
RPS, pirate!Kane/merchant!Carlson, fog on the water
RPS, Chris/Steve, "Where did that come from?"
RPS, Chris/Steve, steel
RPS, Chris/Steve, Llama
RPS, Chris/Steve, want
RPS, Chris/Steve, yours
RPS, Chris/Steve, hug
RPS, Chris/Steve, bound
RPS, Chris/Steve, Argentina
Kane RPS, Chris/Steve, birthdays
RPS, Chris Kane/Steve Carlson, Paris
RPS, Chris/Steve, alarm clock
RPS, Vampire!Steve/Chris, all that matters
RPS, Christian/Steve, heartbreaker
RPS, Chris/Steve, slap
RPS, Chris/Steve, writing a song
RPS, Chris/Steve, "Where did that come from?"
RPS, Vampire!Steve/Chris, all that matters
RPS, Christian Kane/Steve Carlson, "try to leave a light on when I'm gone/something I rely on to get home"
Kane RPS, Chris/Steve/JDM, wake in a tangle of limbs
RPS, Christian Kane/Steve Carlson, let's stay in
RPS, Chris/Steve, domestic bliss
RPS, Chris/Steve, you're up late
Kane RPS, Christian Kane/Steve Carlson/JDM, wake up needing
RPS, Chris/author's choice, fantasizing about someone else
RPS, Steve Carlson/Chris Kane/Jensen Ackles, outside looking in
RPS, Chris/Steve, lost
RPS, Vampire!Steve/Chris, feeling better
RPS, Vampire!Steve/Chris, warmth
RPS, vampire!Steve/Chris, whiskey in the blood
RPS, Christian/Steve, spirit guides
RPS, Chris/Steve, Converse
RPS, Goth!Chris/Goth!Steve, gift wrapped
RPS, Chris/Steve, April fools
Kane RPS, Chris/Steve, things you find at the back of the closet
RPS, Chris/Steve, home
RPS, Chris/Steve, make it up to you
RPS, Goth!Chris/Goth!Steve, "And I'm not finished with you yet..."
RPS, gothverse!-Chris/Steve, make-up and other accessories
Kane RPS, Chris/Steve, when the lights go out
RPS, padawan!Kane/padawan!Carlson, pulling his braid
RPS, Chris/Steve, shut out the world
RPS, Chris/Steve, stumble
RPS, Chris/Steve, long shiny hair
RPS, Chris/Steve, love
RPS, Chris/Steve, thankful
RPS, Chris/Steve, worry
RPS, Chris/Steve, a missed flight
RPS, Chris/Steve, fun
rps, Christian Kane/Steve Carlson, Angel by Leona Lewis
Kane RPS, Chris/Steve, I baked you a cookie, but...
RPS, Goth!Steve/Goth!Chris, collar
KANE RPS, Chris/Steve, lyrics
RPS, Christian Kane/Steve Carlson, "who knows how to love you without being told"
RPS, Goth!Chris/Goth!Steve, underneath your clothes
RPS, Chris/Steve, hangover
RPS, Chris/Steve/Jeff, sinful
RPS, Chris/Steve, tipsy
Kane, Chris/Steve, "let's go backstage"
RPS, Chris/Steve, sensual
RPS, Kitten!Chris/Vamp!Steve, eating
Rps Vamp!Chris/Vamp!Jensen/Jared "I want to play with this puppy too"
RPS, Steve Carlson/Christian Kane, tell me what you need
RPS, Spy!Steve/Linguist!Chris, wounded
RPS, Kitten!Chris/Vampire!Steve, hide and seek
RPS, Chris/Steve, changing room
RPS, Chris/Steve, family
RPS, Christian Kane/Steve Carlson, jetlag
RPS, Christian/Steve, addicted
RPS, vampire!Steve/Chris, caffeine is a drug too
RPS, Vampire!Steve/Chris, too much
RPS, Winged!Chris/Steve, trace
RPS, Vampire!Steve/Chris, plans
Kane RPS, ranch owner!Steve/cowboy!Chris, a helping hand
RPS, Chris/Steve, tornado warning
RPS, Kane/Carlson, ice cubes
RPS, Vampire!Steve/Chris, morning
RPS, Christian Kane/author's choice, tequila
Kane RPS, Chris/Steve/JDM, missing the show
RPS, Christian/Steve, do you remember?
Kane RPS, Chris/Steve, what I've been wishing for
RPS, Goth!Chris/Goth!Steve, vibrator
RPS, Goth!Chris/Goth!Steve, too much
RPS, Chris/Steve/Jeff, squirm
RPS, Chris/Steve, let's get you home
RPS, kitten!Chris/vampire!Steve, purr
RPS, Chris/Steve/Jeff, calm down
RPS, Chris/Steve/Jeff, shower
RPS, Kitten!Chris/Vampire!Steve, reflection
Kane RPS, Goth!Chris/Goth!Steve, Egyptian Book of the Dead
RPS, Tipsy!Steve/Chris, but the couch looks so comfortable
RPS, Chris/Steve/Jeff, just let go
RPS, Stoned!Steve/Chris/Jeff, giggling
RPS, Spy!Steve/Linguist!Chris, secrets and lies
RPS, Goth!Chris/Goth!Steve, raindrops
RPS, gothverse!-author's choice/author's choice, accidental meetings
RPS, cat!Chris/Steve, summer fields and fresh strawberries
RPS, winged!Chris/Steve, don't fall now
RPS, Winged!Chris/Steve, evoke
RPS, Winged!Chris/Steve, melt
RPS, kitt(y/en/teen!cat)Chris/Steve, mouse
RPS, teen!cat!Chris/Teen!Steve, learning to cook
RPS, priest acolyte!Steve Carlson/author's choice, holy dreams should not be so wicked
RPS, Christian Kane/Steve Carlson, I sleep better when you're here
RPS, cat!Chris/Steve, can tell when you're dreaming
RPS, pirate!Chris/merchant!Steve, I dreamt you were here
RPS, Chris/Steve/Jeff, feels like a dream
RPS, Succubus!Chris/Pet!Steve, vivid dreams
RPS, kitten!Chris/vampire!Steve, 'so, do you have pet bats like the Count?' (Sesame Street)
RPS, Chris/Steve, movie night
RPS, goth!Chris/goth!Steve, going shot-for-shot
RPS, Chris/Steve, staking a claim before the show
RPS, Chris/Steve, a trip to the grocery store
RPS, Chris/author's choice, rush
RPS, Christian/Steve, falcon
RPS, kitten!Chris/vampire!Steve, what do kittens dream about that makes their noses and tails twitch?
RPS, Christian Kane/Steve Carlson, a dreamcatcher above your head
RPS, Chris/Steve, watching Leverage
RPS, Spy!Steve/Linguist!Chris, don't go
RPS, Winged!Chris/Steve, they can't hurt you now
RPS, winged!Christian Kane/Steve Carlson, learn to fly again
rps, teen!cat!Chris/Teen!Steve, first time making love
RPS, Goth!Steve/Goth!Chris, piercings
RPS, winged!Chris/Steve, can't stop touching
RPS, kitten!Chris/Steve, pet mouse
rps, kitten!chris/lil'boy!stevie, "Can you talk to cats?"
RPS, Christian/Steve, hellhounds
RPS, Werewolf!Chris/Goth!Steve, fur
RPS, Werewolf!Chris/Goth!Steve, full moon
RPS, Chris/Steve, walk-in pantry
RPS, Chris/Steve, shaft
RPS, Winged!Chris/Steve, still
RPS, Goth!Chris/Goth!Steve, sleeping in
Kane RPS, spy!Steve/linguist!Chris, watching the news
RPS, Spy!Steve/Linguist!Chris, "I find out you're a spy, and there just happens to be a James Bond movie on TV?"
RPS, Christian Kane/Steve Carlson, soft worn denim
RPS, Steve Carlson/Christian Kane, a stunt goes wrong...
RPS, Winged!Chris/Steve, hidden
RPS, Spy!Steve/Linguist!Chris, captured
RPS, Vampire!Steve/Chris, beauty
RPS, Vampire!Steve/Chris, being bitten
RPS, pirate!Kane/merchant!Carlson, marked as mine (but I'll remind you again)
RPS, Chris/Steve, you can leave your hat on
RPS, pirate!Chris/merchant!Steve, 'once I'm finished, you'll never forget this (never forget me)'
RPS, pirate!Kane/merchant!Carlson, displayed for the crew
RPS, pirate!Kane/merchant!Carlson, make it up to your captain
RPS, pirate!Chris/merchant!Steve, show them who you belong to
RPS, vampire!Steve/Chris, being taken in (semi-)public up against a wall
RPS, Chris/Steve, Just a Dream - Carrie Underwood
RPS, Christian Kane/Steve Carlson, don't do that again
RPS, Winged!Chris/Steve, hidden
KANE RPS, succubus!Steve/priest!Steve, what are you really praying for?
Kane RPS, succubus!Kane/pirate!Kane/merchant!Steve, defiance overcome by lust
RPS, kitty!christian/teen!kitty!christian/kitten!christian, snuggle pile
RPS, Chris/Steve, "I swear by my pretty floral bonnet, I will end you"
Kane RPS, winged!Chris/Steve, wingtip to wingtip
RPS, Chris/Steve, pizza and a beer
RPS, Steve/Kitty!Chris/Teen!Kitty!Chris/Kitten!Chris, innocence
RPS, Chris/Steve, "Maybe light a couple candles"
RPS, Chris/Steve, cold night warm bed
RPS, Jeff/Chris/Steve, breakfast in bed
RPS, Chris/Steve, whiskey dick
RPS, Chris/Steve, owl
RPS, Wing!Chris/Steve, rainbow
RPS, Kitty!Chris/Steve, snowflakes
RPS, Goth!Chris/Goth!Steve, cupcakes
RPS, teen!kitty!Kane/Carlson, silly string
RRPS, Steve/Chris, Bali
RPS, Christian Kane/Steve Carlson, you're like perfection
RPS, kitten!Chris/vampire!Steve, cold medicine
RPS, Stoned!Steve/Chris, irresistible
RPS, Stoned!Steve/Chris, pout
RPS, Christian/Steve, nutella
RPS, Christian Kane/Steve Carlson, on a steel horse I ride
Kane RPS, goth!Chris/goth!Steve, leather
Kane RPS, goth!Chris/goth!Steve, tight
RPS, Goth!Chris/Goth!Steve, cinnamon
RPS, Goth!Chris/Goth!Steve, shower
Kane RPS, goth!Chris/goth!Steve, spiked cuff
RPS, Goth!Steve/Goth!Chris, possessive
RPS, goth!Chris/author's choice (just not Steve, that'd be too easy ^__~), 'didn't know you went for this.'
RPS, goth!verse-Chris/Steve, belt
Kane RPS, Doctor(Who)!Steve Carlson/Christian Kane, save me I'm lost
RPS, Chris/Steve, gag
RPS, Christian Kane/Steve Carlson, how could I forget?
RPS, goth!verse-Chris/Steve, 'mark me'
RPS, Goth!Chris/Goth!Steve, leather gloves
RPS, Chris, I read your letter the one you left when you broke into my house retracing every step you made
RPS, Chris/Steve/Jensen, that smile always means trouble
RPS, Chris/Steve, long nights
RPS, Chris/Steve/Jeff, temptation
RPS, pirate!Kane/merchant!Carlson, craving
Kane RPS, Chris/horned!Steve, "No, Christian, they're not cute."
Kane RPS, Chris/horned!Steve, 'they taste different from your skin' - 'well, yeah. that's because they're horns'
RPS, Chris/horned!Steve, hiding from photographers
RPS, Chris/Steve, sticky
RPS, Christian Kane/Steve Carlson, you never forget your first love
RPS, Goth!Chris/Goth!Steve, first kiss
Kane RPS, Chris/horned!Steve, first fight
Kane RPS, Chris/Steve, first song written together
RPS, Horned!Steve/Chris, first time Steve read Christian's thoughts
RPS, pirate!Kane/merchant!Carlson, first time Steve actually admitted he wanted it
RPS, Christian Kane/Steve Carlson, Volunteering
RPS, Goth!Chris/Goth!Steve, pet
RPS, Chris/Steve/Jeff, stubble
RPS, Were!Chris/Goth!Steve, That happened...how?
RPS, Goth!Chris/Goth!Steve, control
RPS, Werewolf!Chris/Steve, nuzzle
RPS, Doll!Chris/Handler!Steve, truth
RPS, goth!Steve/were!Chris, under the red hot moon
RPS, Goth!Chris/Goth!Steve, romantic evening
RPS, goth!Chris/goth!Steve, scratches and skin
RPS, vampire!Steve/Chris, craving like fire
RPS, vampire!Steve/Chris, anger
RPS AU, Sonic!Chris Kane/Steve, blowfish
RPS, Were!Chris/Wizard!Steve, fleas
RPS, Chris/Steve, powdered sugar
RPS, Chris/Steve, "I'm sure there are more interesting things you could be doing with that nutella..."
RPS, Stoned!Steve/Chris, munchies
RPS, Christian Kane/Steve Carlson, exhausted sated and snuggling
Kane RPS, Chris/Steve & baby, tiny fingers curled around his pinky
RPS, Kitten!Chris/lil boy!Stevie/Teen!Kitty!Chris/Teen!Steve/Kitty!Chris/Steve, warm sunny afternoon in the garden
RPS, Christian Kane/Steve Carlson, Chris is just starting to show he's pregnant
RPS, Christian Kane/Steve Carlson, Leverage renewed for a second season
RPS, Chris/Steve, snuggly sleepy drunk
RPS, Christian Kane/Steve Carlson, ways of calming a hyper Christian down
RPS, Christian/Steve, "Do you have any damn idea how hot seeing you that damn happy makes me?"
RPS, pirate!Kane/merchant!Carlson, rewarded/slow/something like love
RPS, Chris/Steve, lazy Sunday afternoon
RPS, Chris/Steve/author's choice, "you two are such an old married couple!"
Kane RPS, Chris/Steve & baby, first laugh
Kane RPS, kitten!Chris/Steven, waking from a nightmare
RPS, Chris/Steve, first time
RPS, Any!Kitty!Chris/Steve, tail
RPS, Kitty!Chris/Steve, relaxed
RPS, JDM/Chris/Steve, playtime
RPS, Jeff/Steve/Chris, ropes
RPS, Christian/Steve, the smell of leather
RPS, Jeff/Steve/Chris, naughty boys have to be punished
RPS, Chris/Steve/Jeff, vibrations
RPS, Vampire!Steve/Chris, lonely before I met you
RPS, Doll!Chris/Handler!Steve, suspicion
RPS, Jeff/Chris/Steve, beg
RPS, Stoned!Steve/Chris, "If you don't stop groping me, I'm gonna have to tie you up!"
RPS, Chris/Steve, first time
RPS, JDM/Chris/Steve, it's only kinky the first time
RPS, Christian/Steve, Ultrasound (Do they find out they're having a girl?)
Kane RPS, pirate!Kane/merchant!Carlson, miss the smell of you
RPS, Stoned!Steve/Chris, "Thought you promised to tie me up!"
Kane RPS, succubus!Carlson/author's choice, show me what I'm looking for
RPS, Christian/Steve, the darkness enslaves me