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11 January 2009 @ 06:05 pm
Index: Fantasy Centric  

Avatar: The Last Airbender
Avatar the last airbender, Azula/Ty Lee, "Your chains are beginning to look a little lose Ty Lee..."
Avatar: the last airbender, Azula/Ty Lee, losing control

Being Human
Being Human, Mitchell/Annie, In from the cold.
Being Human, George/Mitchell, office AU
Being Human, Mitchell/George, tea and biscuits
Being Human, George/Mitchell, scars
Being Human, George/Mitchell, edited
Being Human, George/Mitchell, spooning in bed
Being Human, George/Mitchell, lead me not into temptation
Being Human, George/Mitchell, sofa
Being Human, George/Mitchell, orgasm denial
Being Human, Mitchell/George, something in the blood
Being Human, George/Mitchell, breathplay
Being Human, vampire!George/werewolf!Mitchell, care
Being Human, George/Mitchell, things that go bump in the night
Being Human, George/Mitchell, your little pet
Being Human, Mitchell/George, transformed - but still recognising his mate
Being Human, Mitchell/George, the rain washes everything away
Being Human, George/Mitchell, happily ever after
Being Human, George/Mitchell, sometimes rules are meant to be broken
Being Human, Mitchell/George, obedience training
Being Human, Mitchell/George, parents coming to visit
Being Human, George/Mitchell, talking muffins
Being Human, George/Mitchell, voyeurism
Being Human, Mitchell/Herrick, blood brothers
Being Human, George/Mitchell, black eyes
Being Human, George/Mitchell, red
Being Human, George/Mitchell, couch
Being Human, Mitchell/George, jealousy
Being Human, Mitchell/George, candles
Being Human, George/Mitchell, boundary
Being Human, George/Mitchell, It's been days now
Being Human, George/Mitchell, Where did you get those injuries?
Being Human, George/Mitchell, pull yourself together
Being Human, George/Mitchell, soaked to the skin
Being Human, George/Mitchell, Therapy
Being Human, George/Mitchell, (quote from pilot) "I have to ask Mitchell to open jars for me". Mitchell opening jars for George.
Being Human, George/Annie, changing
Being Human, Mitchell/George, mate
Being Human, George/Mitchell, topping from the bottom
Being Human, Mitchell/George, George disappears
Being Human, George/Mitchell, headphones with the volume up
Being Human, George/Annie, hugs
Being Human, George/Annie/Mitchell, It's time to say goodbye
Being Human, Mitchell/Annie, collection of memories
Being Human, Mitchell/Annie, left out
Being Human, George/Mitchell, house-warming
Being Human, George/Mitchell, "I hate flying"
Being Human, Annie/George/Mitchell, belt
Being Human, George/Annie, unwrapped
Being Human, George/Mitchell, eyeliner
Being Human, George/Mitchell, unavoidable
Being Human, George/Mitchell + Annie, hangover
Being Human, Owen/Annie, forever
Being Human, George/Mitchell, catching Mitchell looking up vampire porn on youtube
Being Human, George/Mitchell, sun-bathing vampires
Being Human, George/Mitchell, as if being a werewolf wasn't bad enough - now he finds out he's a fairy too
Being Human, George/Mitchell, The walls have ears. Literally.
Being Human, Nina/George, smell
Being Human, Mitchell/George, 'you're telling me I live with a vampire and a ghost, and now we have a bogeyman?!'
Being Human, George/Mitchell, I'm sensing a trip to IKEA
Being Human, Annie/George, lives
Being Human, Annie/Owen, crush
Being Human, George/Mitchell, first time
Being Human, Annie/Lauren, bitch
Being Human, George/Mitchell, sting
Being Human, Mitchell/Annie, desperation
Being Human, George/Mitchell, all the things I left behind
Being Human, Mitchell/George, mating instinct
Being Human, Mitchell/George, fear manifestation
Being Human, Mitchell/George/Annie, sacrifice
Being Human, George/Mitchell, baby dragon
Being Human, Mitchell/George, flea collar
Being Human, Mitchell/Annie/Evil!Mitchell, "This is what you could be."
Being Human, George/Mitchell, they try some D/s roleplaying, but both of them keep laughing
Being Human, George/Mitchell, Irrational
Being Human, Mitchell, George & Annie, trying to draw his picture because he hasn't seen his face in decades.
Being Human, George/Mitchell, sensory overload
Being Human, George/Mitchell, Supernatural (George as a hunter, Mitchell as a demon)
Being Human, George/Mitchell, love
Being Human, Annie, magic turns George and Mitchell into kids
Being Human, George/Mitchell, hunting together
Being Human, George/Tully, Fool Moon

Blood Ties
Blood Ties, Henry/Mike, wrong volunteer/tainted blood

Brimstone, Zeke/Lucifer, his master's voice
Brimstone, Zeke/Lucifer, the 113th soul has been collected
Brimstone, Zeke/Lucifer, Rocky Road ice cream

Charmed, Piper/Leo, cartoons
Charmed, Piper/Leo, when in Rome
Charmed, Wyatt/Chris, dark memories
Charmed, Wyatt/Chris, Coliseum in Rome
Charmed, Prue/Piper, insomnia
Charmed, Prue/Paige, ghost
Charmed, Wyatt/Chris, sometimes he dreams he failed (evil!Wyatt or not, author's choice)
Charmed, Wyatt/Chris, sex in Mom's office at P3
Charmed, Prue/Andy, "Don't you know how to knock?"
Charmed, Wyatt/Chris, watching
Charmed, Piper/Leo, Forget what we're told

Chronicles of Narnia
Narnia, Peter/Susan, "Did you really just say that to the ambassador? Aslan's teeth, Edmund's going to kill you."

Dead Like Me
Dead Like Me, Mason/Rube, rehab
Dead Like Me, George/Mason, rum and coke
Dead like me, George/Rube, pancakes

Demons, Galvin/Luke, war wounds
Demons, Galvin/Luke, training
Demons, Galvin/Luke, creator
Demons, Galvin/Luke, vampires.
Demons, Galvin/Luke, dating
Demons, Galvin/Luke, lightning
Demons, Galvin/Luke, forgotten
Demons, Galvin/Luke, darkness
Demons, Galvin/Luke, possessiveness
Demons, Galvin/Luke, possession is nine-tenths of the law
Demons, Galvin/Luke, discipline
Demons, Galvin/Luke, jealousy
Demons, Galvin/Luke, wet dreams
Demons, Galvin/Luke, good luck
Demons, Galvin/Luke, battle scars
Demons, Galvin/Luke, sex magic
Demons, Galvin/Luke, gun play
Demons, Galvin/Luke, post-battle comedown

Dresden Files
Dresden Files, Harry/Bob, teaching
Dresden Files, Harry/Bob, skin (one word)
Dresden Files, Harry/OMC, Ouch
Dresden Files (bookverse), Harry/Subconscious!Harry, 'I know everything about you - even the things you don't like to acknowledge.'
Dresden Files (TV or book), Harry/Morgan, "Did I pass the test?" "Class dismissed."

Highlander, Duncan/Methos, in 500 years time
Highlander, Duncan/Methos, sing
Highlander, Connor/Methos, Not at all like Duncan
Highlander, Methos/your choice, Bora Bora
Highlander, Methos, Wife #64
Highlander, Duncan/Methos, road trip
Highlander, Methos/Joe, Ozymandias
Highlander, Methos, Aristotle and the Gun and Other Stories

Kiesha'ra, Marus/Urban, first night away from home (and in a strange place)
Kiesha'ra, Marus/Urban, a kiss on the collarbone

Kings, Jack/Joseph, stolen moments
Kings, Jack/Joseph, "you can't forget me, no matter how hard you try"
Kings, Jack/David, divine intervention
Kings, Jack/David, storm
Kings, Jack/Joseph, "those pictures had nothing to do with me!"
Kings, Jack/David, love/hate relationship

Legend Of The Seeker
Legend of the Seeker, Richard/Kahlan, presents
Legend of the Seeker, Richard/Kahlan, drunken making out
Legend of the Seeker, Richard/Kahlan, through the eyes of seekers past
Legend of the Seeker, Kahlan/Richard, Bookkeeping
Legend of the Seeker, Kahlan/Richard, Clara
Legend of the Seeker, Kahlan/Richard, Richard falls into the fountain of youth and is deaged to 6-years-old

Lord of the Rings
LOTR, Aragon/Boromir, earth
LotR, Aragorn/Boromir, "velvet"
LotR, Aragorn/Legolas, writer's choice
LOTR, Eomer/Legolas, eternity
LOTR, Eomer/Aragorn, falling
LOTR, Aragorn/Legolas, sunrise
Lotr, Legolas/Eomer, horseback
Lotr, Eomer/Aragron, between kings
LOTR, Legolas/Aragorn, men
Lotr, Aragorn/Legolas, My lover the King
LOTR, Aragorn/Eomer/Eowyn, reins
LOTR, Legolas/Aragorn, responsibility
LotR, Legolas/Eomer, diplomatic visit to Rohan when Eomer is younger (you decide how young)

Lost, Daniel/Juliet, on the usefulness of ties on a deserted island
Lost, Jin/Sawyer, spanking
Lost, Sawyer/Sayid, no escape
Lost, Claire/Charlie, lullaby
Lost, Jack/Sawyer, make me forget
Lost, Sawyer/Boone waterfall
Lost, Juliet/Daniel, chug
Lost, Charlie/monk!Desmond, breaking vows
Lost, Daniel/Juliet, Nobel prize
Lost, Sawyer/Juliet, daisies
Lost, Charlie/Desmond, bad boys
Lost, Daniel/Juliet, fidelity
Lost, Sawyer/Sayid, hard
Lost, Jin/young!Rousseau, French
Lost, Shannon/author's choice, monster
Lost, Daniel/Juliet, Twist of Nature
Lost, Sayid/Shannon, post-rescue celebrities take a night on the town
Lost, Kate/Juliet breakfast time
Lost, Ben/Locke, let's see you talk your way out of this
Lost, Sun/Michael, can't tell Jin
Lost, Kate/Sayid, falling from grace
Lost, Shannon/Sayid, Sayid's secluded date beach
Lost, Sun/Hurley, "yeah, Jin taught me"
Lost, Charlie/Desmond, Desmond's blue shirt
Lost, Kate/Sayid, the couple that hunts boar together stays together
Lost, Sayid/Shannon, enunciating
Lost, Charlie/Desmond, bar fight
Lost, Charlie/Sawyer, sand in awkward places
Lost, Charlie/Desmond, lady's underwear
LOST, Sawyer/Sayid/Desmond, handcuffs (restraints)
Lost, Charlie/Jack, temporary blindness
Lost, Ana Lucia/Sayid, uniform
Lost, Charlie/Liam, downhill slope
Lost, Jack/Kate, thinking of Sawyer
Lost, Charlie/Jack/Sawyer, comfort
Lost, Charlie/Desmond, Warwick Avenue - Duffy
Lost, Daniel/Miles, consciously
Lost, Daniel/Miles, Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)
Lost, Claire/Juliet, enough
Lost, Scott/Steve, unanswered
Lost, Daniel/Frank, conceivable
Lost, Sawyer/Sayid, fierce
Lost, Desmond/Daniel forever
Lost, Boone/Charlie, what comes next
Lost, Sun/Penny, bored during daddy's golf game
Lost, Charlie/Sayid, Black and Gold
Lost, Juliet/Sayid, "Didn't you know? There's a Dharma distillery station on the island, too: The Cane. Date night?"
Lost, Kate/Sayid, Sayid gets in Kate's car (alternate ending to dock scene)

Neverwhere, Marquis/Richard, boots with heels

Pushing Daisies
Pushing Daisies, Chuck/Olive, touch me
Pushing Daisies, Emerson/Ned, knitting lessons
Pushing Daisies, Ned/Olive, rotten fruit
Pushing Daisies, Ned's magic touch jumps ship and lands on...(author's choice)
Pushing Daisies, Chuck/Olive, the pie-hoes
Pushing Daisies, Olive/Ned/Chuck, threesome
Pushing Daisies, Ned/Chuck, "she's going to hurt him" (Olive's POV)
Pushing Daisies, Ned/Chuck, McDonalds

Reaper, Benji/Sock, what the fuck?

The Sentinel
The Sentinel, Jim/Blair, flowers
The Sentinel, Jim/Blair, Quote from Overheard New York
The Sentinel, Jim/Blair, Sporting event aka basketball

Smallville, Clark/Oliver, mask
Smallville, Clark/Jason, football
Smallville, Chloe/Clark, buying a new bed
Smallville, Davis/Chloe, you tame the beast within
Smallville, Chloe/Davis, trust
Smallville, Chloe/Oliver, caught in the rain
Smallville, Chloe/Davis, trust
Smallville, Oliver/Zatanna, "You wanted to see me?"
Smallville, Clark/Lex, Lex doesn't always dreams of car crashes - sometimes he dreams of soft lips and warm breath
Smallville, Clark/Oliver, pink kryptonite
Smallville, Oliver Queen/Jason Teague, memories
Smallville, Clark/Oliver, seduce
Smallville, Clark/Jason, "Your Coach will learn you your lesson"
Smallville, AC/Chloe/Oliver/Zatanna/Clark (or any combination), kinky
Smallville, Lex, Jason, Oliver & Patricia Swann, hide-and-seek
Smallville, Lex/Clark, normal healthy family
Smallville, Clark/Jason, "I shouldn't be here"
Smallville, Clark/Jason Teague, aftermath
Smallville, dark!Clark/Lex, seduction
Smallville, Clark/Lex, thin line between love and hate
Smallville, boy!Lois/girl!Clark, Cooking lesson

Tin Man
Tin Man, Ambrose/the Queen, the hiring process
Tin Man, Glitch/Cain, stop me if you think that you've heard this one before
Tin Man, Glitch and Cain, somehow they get turned into little boys (whether accidental or on purpose is the author's choice) and the others have to deal with them before they get changed back
Tin Man, Glitch/Cain, pool hustling (Preferred that Glitch is the one doing the hustling)

Twilight, Edward/Jakob Black, fight
Twilight, Carlisle/Edward, hunting trip
Twilight, Rosalie/Bella, between hate and love
Twilight, Edward and Jasper/Alice, sexy thoughts
Twilight, Edward/Jacob, glittering sunshine
Twilight, Edward Cullen/Jacob Black, marble white

Misc Fantasy
Animorphs, Rachel/Tobias, Movie night
Fairy tales, Cinderella v Sleeping Beauty v Rapunzel(whoever you want), Before fairy tales got sanitized and domesticated these women were a roving band of fierce warriors
Moonlight, Beth/Josef, grin
The Discworld novels, Angua/Carrot, follow my lead
World of Warcraft, Nefarion/Vaelastraz, loss of control
World of Warcraft, Bolvar Fordragon/Saurfang the Younger, "for tomorrow we die!"
Xena, Joxer/Gabrielle, hat
Fairy Tales, Snow White/Evil Queen, supposedly they were enemies (dwarves or Prince's or woodsman's or mirror's POV)
fairytales, Duke of Snarl/Prince Manley & princess, after a grand adventure, the princess takes a vacation, only to run into her former suitors
A Midsummer Night's Dream, Oberon/Puck, "How to Ditch Your Fairy"
The Princess Bride, Westley/Buttercup, author's choice