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11 January 2009 @ 06:35 pm
Index: RPS/RPF  

Leverage RPS

RPS, Timothy Hutton/Christian Kane, chase
Leverage RPS, Chris/Aldis, trailer
Leverage RPS, Timothy/Chris, in the public eye
RPS, Timothy Hutton/Christian Kane, poker night
RPS, Timothy/Chris, secrets
RPS, Timothy Hutton/Chris/Steve, introductions
Leverage RPS, Timothy/Chris, 'Something To Talk About'
Leverage RPS, Tim/Chris, end of a long long day
RPS, Christian Kane/Aldis Hodge, Faith
Leverage RPS, Timothy/Chris, 'I'll wear it, but not in public'
Leverage RPS, Timothy/Chris, hiatus
Leverage RPS, Timothy/Chris, dinner
RPS: Leverage, Aldis/Chris, best of the '80's
RPS, Timothy/Chris, late night
Leverage RPS, Timothy/Chris, Milo
Leverage RPS, Timothy/Chris, it's been a long, long night (punch-drunk tired)
Leverage RPS, Timothy/Chris, say it without words
Leverage RPS, Jonathan Frakes(director)+Gina Bellman watch an ep of ST:TNG, Gina makes British-slang joke about No. 1 and taking the piss out of Picard (but only Whil Wheaton would get the joke)
Leverage RPS, Tim/Chris, alone at last
Leverage RPS, Timothy Hutton/Christian Kane, a stunt goes wrong...
Leverage RPS, Timothy Hutton/Christian Kane, celebrating being renewed
Leverage RPS, Timothy/Chris, music
Leverage RPS, Timothy/Chris, choices
Leverage/RPS, Nathan Ford + teen!Jared Padalecki/teen!omc, learning to skate
Leverage RPS, Timothy/Chris, new season
RPS, Chris/author's choice, "Raindrops on the windshield,
there's a storm moving in/ He's headin' back from somewhere that he never should have been" (The Thunder rolls, Garth Brooks)


RPS, Karl Urban/Orlando Bloom/Sean Bean, breakfast
RPS, Viggo/Sean, pictures
Lotrips, Viggo/Orlando, wink
Lotrips, Karl Urban/Sean Bean, nip
Lotrips, Karl/Orlando, surprise
Lotrips, Karl/Harry, treasure
Lotrips, Harry/Orlando, suck
Lotrips, Karl Urban/Orlando Bloom, silence
LOTRPS, Viggo/Bean, horses
Lotrips, Harry/Karl, curtains
Lotrips (Bean/Orlando/Viggo), inside
Lotrips, Bean/Orlando, fight
Lotrips, Viggo/Orlando, dance
Lotrips, Viggo/Bean, peanut butter
Lotrips, Viggo/Bean, "dinner jacket"
LOTR, VigOrli, The last flame of once burning love turns to ash
Lotrips, Orlando/Karl, meeting family
LotR RPS, Karl Urban / Orlando Bloom + Will Turner's boots
Lotrips, Miranda Otto/David Wenham, sexy negligee
RPS, Viggo/Bean, leather
Lotrips, Orlando/Viggo, "We can be together"
Lotrips, Viggo/Orlando, make up/happy endings
Lotrips AU, Orlando/Viggo, Rockstar
Lotrips, Viggo/Karl/Orlando, rub-a-dub-dub three men in a hot tub
Lotrips, Orlando/Karl/Harry, breakfast in the buff
LotRPS, Karl/Lawrence/Sala, "wristcuffs"
Lotrips, Viggo/Sean/Dave, clever mouth
Lotrips, Bean/Karl, pulse
Lotrips, Viggo/Orlando, chocolate kisses
Lotrips, Sean/Orlando, sleepy cuddling
LotR/RPS-V/O-Viggo in makeup
Lotrips, Viggo/Bean, Sharpe's green jacket
Lotrips, Orlando/Sean, 'When you say nothing at all' (Allison Krauss)
Lotrips, Orlando/Karl, Valentines Day love letters
Lotrips, Viggo/Orlando, Fireworks
Lotrips, Viggo/Orlando, make up sex
Lotrips, Karl/Orlando, quiet time
Lotrips, Viggo/Orlando, fast food
Lotrips, Orlando/Sean, cabin fever
Lotrips, Ian McKellen/Orlando Bloom, missing you
AU, Viggo/Orlando, first meeting in an elevator
LOTRPS, Sean/Orlando, closed curtains
LOTRPS, Karl/Sean, old movies
RPS, Orlando/Eric, "Eric goes back to his wife"
Lotrips, Viggo/Orlando, ring
RPS, Eric Bana/Orlando Bloom, The Sound of Music
Lotrips, Karl/Orlando, 'overheard conversation'
RPS, Eric Bana/Orlando Bloom, glass dildo
Lotrips, Sean/Orlando, warm ale
RPS Eric Bana/Orlando Bloom, Xanadu Soundtrack
Lotrips, Lucifer!Viggo/Sean, reluctant to fall
LOTRPS, Lawrence/Sala, glass
LOTRPS, Viggo/Karl/Sean, getting drunk/stoned
Lotrips, Karl/Orlando/Harry, I double dog dare you
Lotrips, Dave/Lawrence, surprise
Lotrips, Viggo/Orlando, deception
LotR RPS, Sean Bean / author's choice "Two steps behind" (Def Leppard)
Lotrips, Orlando/Viggo, Hiker meets a trail guide
Lotrips, Viggo/Karl/Sean B, Ghostbusters (extra points for including the Stay-Puf Marshmallow man;)
LOTRIPS; Viggo/Orlando - Old Green truck
LOTRIPS - Viggo, Billy - Green Lube
OTRIPS; Orlando/Sean B; A weekend in Hawaii
RPS - Eric Bana/Orlando Bloom - Pineapple Garden Maze on the Dole Pineapple Plantation, Oahu.
Lotrips; Viggo/Orlando; pet
Lotrips; Orlando/Viggo; He's gone
RPS; Eric/Orlando; one more chance
Lotrips, Orlando/Viggo, exhaustion
Lotrips, Sean/Orlando, sharing a meal
Lotrips, Orlando/Sean, you make me smile
Lotrips, Sean B/Orlando, longing
Lotrips, Karl/Orlando, left behind
LotR RPS Orlando Bloom / Karl Urban "Anything you can do (I can do better)
LOTRPS, Sean/Orlando, sharing a meal
Lotrips, Karl/Orlando, devil's food
Lotrips, Sean/Orlando, 'My next broken heart'
Lotrips, Sean/Karl, good to the last drop
RPS, Orlando/Karl/Harry, Don't wake me, I'm dreaming
LOTRips, Sean/Viggo, too much to drink
Lotrips, Viggo/Bean, sepia-toned
Lotrips, Bean/Harry, Glenfiddich
LotRips, Viggo/Bean, lost luggage
Lotrips, Orlando/Harry, never again
Lotrips, Karl Urban/Harry Sinclair/Orlando Bloom, regret
LotR, Orlando Bloom/Sean Bean, Why didn't you tell me?
RPS, Jake/Orlando, 'Who're you gonna call?' (GHOSTBUSTERS)
Lotrips, Orlando/Karl, 'Nobody puts baby in the corner' (Dirty Dancing)
Lotrips, Orlando/Karl, hustlers
LOTRips, Orlando/Elijah, delayed flight
Lotrips, Orlando/Karl, lightweight
Lotrips, Karl/Viggo/Orlando, getting clean
Lotrips, Dom/Elijah, baking a cake
Lotrips, Orlando/Elijah, drowning
Lotrips, Karl/Elijah, dirt
lotrips, Dom/Elijah, Gone with the Wind
lotrips, Orlando/Elijah, Flipper
Lotrips, Karl/Harry, first
lotrips, Viggo/Bean, Casablanca
Lotrips, Orlando/Viggo, handmade gift
Lotrips, Karl/Elijah, look but don't touch
Lotrips, Orlando/Elijah, abandoned
Lotrips, Karl/Orlando, apples and oranges
Lotrips, Lawrence/Sala, "singing in the shower"
Lotrips, rockstar!Orlando/Karl, ringed
Lotrips, Viggo/Karl, smoking pot
LOTRips, Orlando/Elijah, grass


RPS, David Hewlett/Joe Flanigan, "darkness"
SGA RPS, David/Joe, unexpected dog tag fetish
SGA RPS, Jason/Joe, mancation
Stargate SG-1 RPS, Richard Dean Anderson/Michael Shanks, "making life-saving inventions out of household materials"
SGA RPS, Joe/David, not just the alcohol talkin
SGA RPS, Jason/Joe, after party
SGA RPF, Mars, a day in the life of David Hewlett's dog
SGA RPS, Joe Flanigan/David Hewlett, "technological prowess"
SGA RPS, Joe/David, an end to the lies
SG-1 RPS, Michael Shanks/Richard Dean Anderson, I still like the way you look
SG-1 RPS, Richard Dean Anderson/Michael Shanks, one find out the other is gay
Stargate: SG-1 RPF, Michael Shanks/author's choice, con drunk
SGA, Rodney/author's choice, Rodney has a habit of missing the obvious
SG1, Sam/Jack, near miss
SG-1 RPS, Richard Dean Anderson/Michael Shanks, secret thing on the side
SGA RPS, David/Jason/Joe, "someone's a pretty pretty princess"
SG-1 RPS, Richard Dean Anderson/anyone, RDA wakes up and realizes that he's actually a USAF Colonel and his life as a Hollywood actor was just a dream
RPS: SGA, David/Jason/Joe, "Hey--that's my ass!"
SG1 RPS, RDA/Michael Shanks, 'I used to have such a crush on you' - 'What about now?'
SG-1 RPS--Michael Shanks/Ben Browder, 'internet sensation'
SGA RPS, Richard Dean Anderson/Michael Shanks, author's choice

X-Men/X-Men Origins: Wolverine RPS

Wolverine RPS, Hugh/Taylor, lazy and sore
X-men RPS, Hugh Jackman/James Marsden/Taylor Kitsch, first time James meets Taylor (mebbe when he comes to visit Hugh?)
Wolverine RPS, succubus!Hugh Jackman/pet!Taylor Kitsch, do you remember what you were before (has there always been just this?)
Wolverine RPS, Hugh Jackman/Taylor Kitsch, clever smiles and clever fingers
Wolverine RPS, Hugh/Taylor, the sound of your laugh (I feel it in my bones)
Wolverine RPS, Hugh/Taylor, Crack the Shutters Open (Snow Patrol)
RPS, Succubus!Hugh/Taylor, morenowplease
Wolverine RPS, succubus!Hugh/Taylor, with these hands (with that mouth)
RPS, succubus!Hugh/Taylor, Taylor can never, ever get enough of his master
RPS, succubus!Hugh/Taylor, Everything I am you can have (absolute submission)
RPS, Hugh Jackman/JDM/Taylor Kitch, Found you, want you, take you
Wolverine: Origins RPS, Hugh/Taylor, trying not to be too obvious in photo-ops
Wolverine RPS, Hugh/Taylor, where no one sees
Wolverine RPS, Hugh/Taylor, wasting time
Wolverine RPS, Hugh/Taylor, a touch here a smile there (Liev's POV)
Wolverine RPS, Hugh/Taylor, it's like high school all over again (Liev's POV)
RPS, Taylor Kitsch/Hugh Jackman, "Whoa... this is stronger than I thought!"
Wolverine RPS, Hugh/Taylor, exhaustion and sleep deprivation
RPS, Doll!Taylor/Handler!Hugh, Denim
Wolverine RPS, Hugh Jackman/Liev Schreiber/Taylor Kitsch, introductions
Wolverine RPS, Hugh/Taylor, "Ever been to Texas?"
Wolverine RPS, Taylor/Hugh, this is insane, you're insane
RPS, Taylor Kitsch/Hugh Jackman, a most peculiar shade of gold

Misc. RPS

Metallica/Alice in Chains, Authors Choice/Authors Choice, long time coming
RPS, Gerard Butler/Jeffrey Dean Morgan, guitar
RPS, Christian Kane/Riley Smith, cowboy
RPS, Jensen Ackles/Gerard Butler; bound
RPS, Jake Gyllenhaal/Drew Barrymore, sin
RPS, Jensen Ackles/Jeffery Dean Morgan/Robert Downey Jr, replacement
RPS, Robert Downey/George Clooney, bite
RPS, Jason Momoa/Karl Urban, leather pants
Alice in Chains, Sean Kinney/Mike Inez, werepanthers
RPS, Jason Momoa/Karl Urban, tight
RPS, Jason Momoa/Karl Urban, "pretty my ass"
RPS, Gerard Butler/Orlando Bloom/Colin Farrell, "look what I brought"
RPS, Orlando/writer's choice, prompt- something using this photo.
RPS, Eric Bana/Orlando Bloom, anal beads
RPS, Adam Levine/?, strap-on
Black Hawk Down RPS - Josh Hartnett/Ewan McGregor, parched
Black Hawk Down RPS - Josh Hartnett/Eric Bana, furtive
BHD RPS, Orlando/Eric, "How to make coffee"
Lotrips/CW RPS, Harry/JDM, glow
RPS, JDM/author's choice, summer of 69
RPS, Joaquin Phoenix/Josh Hartnett, shaving
RPS, Harry Sinclair/Karl Urban/Jeffrey Dean Morgan, arrogance
RPS, Harry/Sinclair/Karl Urban/Jeffery Dean Morgan, again
RPS, Gerard Butler/Orlando Bloom, tattoo
RPS, Jake Gyllenhaal/Orlando Bloom, carnival
TROY RPS, Orlando/Sean, memories of a past lover
RPS, Vin Diesel/Karl Urban, fascinating
RPS, Eric Bana/Orlando Bloom, mardi gras beads
Being Human RPS, Russell/Aidan, "You dancin'?" "You askin'?"
Heroes RPS, Sendhil/Zach, self-fellatio (ala yoga/tyrannosaur penis, LULZ)
NCIS RPS, Mark Harmon/Michael Weatherly, 'running lines'
Merlin RPS, Bradley James/Colin Morgan, interviews
Torchwood RPS, John/Scott, showing Gareth how it's done.
RPS, Vin Diesel/Karl Urban, darkness
Black Hawk Down RPS - Josh Hartnett/Orlando Bloom, focused
RPS, Vin Diesel/Karl Urban, darkness
rps, Eric Bana/Karl Urban, Love the Beast
RPS, authors choice/authors choice, you can take the boy out of texas...
RPS, Christian Kane/Jason Momoa, wall
Narnia RPS, William Moseley/Skandar Keynes, 'such a cliché!'
Firefly RPS, Nathan Fillion/Adam Baldwin/Sean Maher, just another of Joss' parties
Dark Angel RPS, Michael Weatherly/Jensen Ackles, seduce
RPS, Orlando/Jake, Brown-eyed boy
RPS, Orlando/Eric, purple crayons
RPS, Orlando Bloom/Gerard Butler, Greece
Merlin RPS, Bradley James/Colin Morgan, cheap wine and chocolate
Merlin RPS, Bradley James/Colin Morgan, 'you're slightly evil, you know that?'
RPS, Jeff Stinco/David Desrosiers, handcuffs
RPS, Gerry Butler/Orlando, soft touches
RPS, Jake/Orlando, meeting on a street corner
RPS, Orlando/Gerry, snowflakes on eyelashes
RPS, Chris Kane/Jason Momoa, back alley
RPS, Jason Momoa/Chris Kane, lucky
RPS, Orlando/Jake, misty rain
RPS, Orlando Bloom/Author's Choice, using sex to get back at someone
Merlin RPF, Angel Coulby/Katie McGrath, giggles
RPS, JDM/author's choice, "seek release, boy"
Star Trek (new movie) RPS, Karl Urban/Eric Bana, Who's in charge, here?
rps, Eric Bana/Karl Urban, hazel
NCIS RPS, Mark Harmon/Michael Weatherly, giving in to temptation
Soccer RPS, Cristiano Ronaldo/Cristiano Ronaldo, ego
RPS, Whedon/Kripke, giggling disrupts collaboration
RPS, Robert Pattinson/Zac Efron, lost.
RPS, JDM/Steve Carlson, massages and chocolate
RPS, Jason Mamoa/JDM/Christian Kane, naked and wet and growling
Heroes RPS, Adrian Pasdar/Milo Ventimiglia, hamming it up for the fans
RPS, Orlando Bloom/Gerard Butler, He'd never tell him
RPS, Orlando Bloom/Jake Gyllenhaal, I didn't mean to...
RPS, RPattz/Zefron, superheroes
RPS, Merlin!Cast authors choice, "This castle is too pretty to be haunted..."
Panic at the Disco, Brendon/Jon, made of awesome
Merlin RPS, Colin Morgan/Bradley James, kisses
RPS, Zach Quinto/Chris Pine, 'When I said cutting a line this wasn't what I had in mind."
RPF or S, Hugh Laurie/Robert Sean Lenord, Punch in the dark
RPS, Rob Pattinson/Zac Efron, taken
Twilight RPS/Gossip Girl RPS, Robert Pattinson/Ed Westwick, cigarettes
Brokeback Mountain RPS, Heath Ledger/Jake Gyllenhaal, getting into character
Torchwood RPS, John Barrowman/Gareth David-Lloyd, what happens at the convention, stays at the convention
RPS, Hugh Laurie/Robert Sean Leonard, "Are you hard?"
Lost RPS, Matthew/Josh, sex on the beach
ATWT RPS Van/Jake, filming the scene of the boys "first time"
RPS, Gerard Way/Frank Iero, Last call
RPS, John Stewart/Stephen Colbert, RST (resolved sexual tension)
Merlin RPS, Colin Morgan/Bradley James, insecure
Merlin RPS, Colin Morgan/Bradley James, lost and found
RPS:Bandom, Frank/Gerard, Basement
MerlinRPS, Colin Morgan/Bradley James, prank goes wrong
RPS, Christian Bale/Zac Efron, fightGossip Girl RPF, Chace Crawford/Ed Westwick, household chores
RP, Robert Pattinson/Author's choice, Hold on
RPS, Ashley Olsen/Mary Kate Olsen, fragile
Bandom - PatD, Brendon/Ryan/Spencer/Jon, pot makes Brendon even more touchy-feely than normal
RPS, Karl Urban/Eric Bana, whiskey lullabye
RPS, ZEfron/RPattz, first kiss
Star Trek RPS, Chris Pine/Zachary Quinto, lick
RPS, Christian Bale/Zac Efron, Zac is cast as Robin in the next Batman movie.
Heroes RPS, Greg/Sendhil, subtext
Heroes RPS, Adrian/Milo, pre-interview nerves
RPS, JDM/author's choice, taking a ride on his bike
RPS, Zachary Quinto/Author's Choice, "Were you guys directed to play it like this?" (while watching Mylar)
RPS, Jared Padalecki/Zachary Quinto, Goodbye L.A.
RPS, Hugh Jackman/Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Tight grips and rough kisses
RPS, Hugh Jackman/Jeffrey Dean Morgan, The versatility of hotelrooms
RPS, Hugh Jackman/Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Can't stay away
RPS, Rob Pattinson/ author's choice, reading fanfiction about himself
RPS, JDM/Hugh Jackman, couldn't stay away (don't wanna leave)
RPS, JDM/Hugh Jackman, returning the favor
RPS, Hugh/JDM/Taylor Working
RPF, Alan Turing & Christopher Morcom, "The Friendship Algorithm" (The Big Bang Theory)
Star Trek XI RPS, Chris Pine/Zachary Quinto, "I see you've managed to get your shirt off." (Galaxy Quest)
RPS, Hugh/JDM/Taylor and/or Jared, mind-altering
RPS, HJ/JDM/Jared, Who needs a mind anyway...
RPS, Tim Hutton/Chris Kane/Steve Carlson, You belong to me
RPS, Tim Hutton/Chris Kane/Steve Carlson, not done yet
RPS, teen!Jared/teen!OMC, making out on the sofa
RPS, Hugh/JDM/Taylor/Jared, Dirty minds and dirty deeds
NCIS RPS, Mark Harmon/Michael Weatherly, outed in front of the cast
RPS, JDM/author's choice(s), marking
RPS, JDM/author's choice(s), The Deviant's Pocked Guide to the Outlandish Sexual Desires Barely Contained in Your Subconscious
RPS, Val Kilmer/RDJ, pre-interview/post-interview
RPS, JDM/RDJ, ice-cream
RPS, Steve Carlson/Riley Smith, hero worship
Heroes RPS, Adrian/Milo, going to see the new Star Trek film
RPF, Shakespeare & Puck, they meet in a pub one night
RPS, Jon Bon Jovi/David Bryan, Lullaby
RPS, Chris Pine/Zachary Quinto, breathplay
RPS, Chris Pine/Zachary Quinto, "I want to taste you."
Merlin RPF, Angel Coulby/Katie McGrath, beer then liquor makes you sick, liquor then beer you're in the clear

Misc RPF

RPS, captain!JDM/piratewench!Eliza Dushku, "House Rules" by Kane (yeah, I'm thinking of Rule #7 in particular...)
Twilight RPF, Rpattz/Kstew, kiss
Twilight RPS, Robert/Kristen, first day
Haven/Star Trek/LOTRPS, Zoe Saldana/Karl Urban/Orlando Bloom, finally
Wanted RPS - Angelina Jolie/James McAvoy, overheard
RPF, Jake Gyllenhaal/Drew Barrymore, lollipop
RPF, Jared/Eliza(Dushku), beautiful smile
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