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11 January 2009 @ 06:24 pm
Index: Comics  

DCU; Zachary Zatara/Timothy Drake (Robin III); magical make out session
DCU; Tim Drake (Robin III)/Zachary Zatara; 'but flirting is a family tradition!'
DCU; Tim Drake/Bernard Dowd; making dinner together
DCU; Tim Drake (Robin III)/ Roy Harper (Red Arrow); a quiet evening
DCU, Tim Drake (Robin III)/Match (Superboy's clone), finding Match still locked up in the Titan's offices after the whole Jericho mess
DCU, Roy Harper/Stephanie Brown, scars
DCU, Grant Emerson/Roy Harper, better
DCU; Tim Drake (Robin III)/Roy Harper (Red Arrow); the brush of fingers
DCU; Tim Drake (Robin III)/Owen Mercer (Captain Boomerang II), stubble
DCU, Roy Harper/Dick Grayson, Officer Grayson's desk
DCU, Dick Grayson/Pre-Crisis Jason Todd, red-head fetish
DCU; Tim Drake (Robin III)/ Jaime Reyes (Blue Beetle III); the things we've lost
DCU; Tim Drake (Robin III)/Bernard Dowd; a date in the park at sunset
DCU; Tim Drake (Robin III)/ Bernard Dowd; snuggling
DCU; Tim Drake (Robin III)/ Zachary Zatara; "Are you stealing the champagne again, Zat?"
DCU, Dick Grayson/Pre-Crisis Jason Todd, red-head fetish
DCU, Mia Dearden/Tim Drake, "it's not being a bitch to tell you that you're kind of an ass."
DCU, Girl!Tim/Owen, Poison Ivy really got you this time, didn't she?
DCU, Dick/Jason, Protecting
DCU, Roy (Red Arrow)/Dick (Bats), "So, you're the new Batman"
DCU, Dick/Tim, death's a mean son of a bitch
DCU, Dick/anyone, the circus doesn't feel like home anymore
DCU, Wally/anyone, and that's why they call it the Wild West
DCU, Jason Todd/Dick Grayson (Red Rain Earth), life after vamp!Batman
DCU, author's choice, Dollhouse
DCU, Tim/Owen, Tim always gets the undercover crossdressing jobs
DCU, girl!Piper/Trickster, If you're a gay boy and you get turned into a girl, would you be a lesbian or stuck as girl form who likes boys still?
DCU, Jason Todd/anyone (not Joker or Bruce), Jason fucking him/her against his memorial
DCU; Tim Drake (Robin III)/Roy Harper (Red Arrow); "This is break up booze, it doesn't count!" Roy assured him.
DCU, Barbara Gordon/Jason Todd, Oracle owns you
DCU, Kon-El/Tim Drake, "I'm back?"
DCU, Robins, Happy Boys and Girls by Aqua
DCU, Jason Todd, Gives You Hell by The All-American Rejects
DCU, Jason Todd/Dick Grayson, long overdue therapy
DCU, Roy Harper/Jason Todd, little green Robin panties
DCU, Robins, you made pretty good looking hooker, surprisingly enough.
DCU, Dick Grayson/Jason Todd, "You play the victim and I'll be the bad guy"
DCU, Tim Drake (Robin III) / Kon-El (Superboy), Meiko, Piano Song (Lyrics)
DCU, Roy Harper/Steph Brown, her baby daddy
DCU, Roy Harper/Dick Grayson, bros before hos
DCU, Roy Harper/Connor Hawke, finding myself: "I remember wanting you."
DCU, Jason Todd/Tim Drake, bondage
DCU; Tim Drake (Robin III)/Jaime Reyes (Blue Beetle III); free falling
DCU, Tim/Steph, you make a cute girl
DCU, Dick/Tim, "You're much better at this than I ever was"
DCU, Roy Harper/girl!Dick Grayson, pick up lines
DCU, Dick Grayson (Batman)/Michael Carter (Booster Gold), "You're not Batman."
DCU, Dick Grayson (Robin)/Roy Harper (Speedy), Pranks and Payback
DCU, Tim Drake (Robin III)/Match (Superboy's clone), emotional abuse
DCU, Guy(GL3)/Tora(Ice), femdom (ice~)
DCU, Michael Jon Carter (booster Gold)/Dick Grayson (Nightwing), "I thought you liked redheads?"
DCU, Roy Harper (Red Arrow)/Dick Grayson (Batman), "I'll be there for you, always. No matter what."
DCU, Roy Harper (Red Arrow)/Dick Grayson (Nightwing), tattoo
DCU, Kon-El (Superboy)/Tim Drake (Robin III/Red Robin), "No need to fear, Superboy is here!"
DCU, Tim/Steph, catch me when I fall
DCU, Roy Harper (Red Arrow)/Dick Grayson (Nightwing), babysitting Lian
DCU, Roy Harper (Red Arrow), Lian Harper, upset tummy
DCU, Roy Harper (Red Arrow)/Dick Grayson (Batman), vices
DCU, Kon-El (Superboy)/Tim Drake (Red Robin), "What are you doing?!" "Saving you from yourself."
DCU, Kyle Rayner (Green Lantern)/Connor Hawke (Green Arrow), sketching
DCU, Roy Harper(Red Arrow)/Tim Drake(Robin III), Mpreg.
DCU, Roy Harper/author's choice, track mark scars
DCU, Dick Grayson/anyone, life as a gypsy
DC Comics, Tim Drake/Stephanie Brown, Steph giving Tim constructive criticism on his girl-drag
DC Comics, Tim Drake/Stephanie Brown, Steph giving Tim constructive criticism on his girl-drag
DC Comics, Dick/Jason, all tied up and nowhere to go
DCU, Tim Drake/Dick Grayson, every breath you take
DCU, Bart Allen / Tim Drake, 1. "How can you read this? There are no pictures in it!" 2. "Well, some people use their imagination." (Beauty & the Beast)
DCU; Tim Drake (Robin III)/ Beryl Hutchinson (Squire III); Back in the Batcave
DCU, Cassie Sandsmark/Steph Brown, bondage
DCU, Roy Harper/Steph Brown, our little girls
DCU, Roy Harper/Dick Grayson/Jason Todd/Tim Drake/Steph Brown, Roy's Robin Harem
DCU, Michael Jon Carter (Booster Gold)/Ted Kord (Blue Beetle II), "May I remind you that you're a superhero?" (Sailor Moon R: The Movie)
DCU, Jason Todd/Tim Drake, Jason never dies
DCU; Tim Drake (Robin III)/ Beryl Hutchinson (Squire III); "Did you know that paper clips can be used as deadly weapons?"

Batman, Jason/Steph, this is how it's done
Batman, Dick/Tim, knowing
Batman, Dick/Tim, sparring
Batman, Jason/Tim, left behind
Batman, Jason/Donna, discipline
Batman/Superman, Bruce/Clark, uniforms
Batman, Scarecrow/Joker, dark
Batman, Harley Quinn & Catwoman & Poison Ivy & other female Batman villain you can think of (not slash preferred, unless you just can't help yourself), girl talk
Batman, Dick/Tim, "Why am I always the goddamned Boy Hostage!?!"

Marvel, Tony Stark/male (author's choice), breath play
Marvel Comics, Captain America (Steve Rogers)/author's choice, dead sober
Marvel Comics, Steve/Tony, beyond repair
Marvel Comics, Steve/Thor, immortality
Marvel, Billy Kaplan/Teddy Altman, first meeting
Marvel Comics, girl!Bucky/Steve Rogers, welcome back.
Marvel, Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes, World's Greatest
Marvel, Steve Rogers/Tony Stark, trapped in an elevator
Marvel, Steve Rogers/Clint Barton, Crush by Mandy Moore
Marvel, Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes, Gone So Young by Amber Pacific
Marvel, Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes, ...why are you wearing that corset again?
Marvel, Clint Barton/Bucky Barnes, "No, I'm in charge!"
Marvel, Bobbi(Mockingbird)/Clint(Ronin)/Bucky(Captain America), Give me a reason to fall in love
Marvel, Clint Barton/Bucky Barnes, metal arm fetish
Marvel, Scott Lang/Jack of Hearts, family (Cassie Lang's POV)
Marvel, Bucky Barnes/Clint Barton, reborn
Marvel, ghost!Steve Rogers/Tony Stark, Always Watching Over You
Marvel, Steve/Tony, I have loved you all along
Marvel, Steve/Tony + The Young Avengers, "That's it, you're grounded!"
Marvel, Steve Rogers/Tony Stark, "I don't want to be one of those things. Walking around without a soul." (Resident Evil)
DC (Iron Man/Captain America), Tony/Steve, one too many
DC (Iron Man)Steve/Pepper, Champagne indulgences
Captain America/Iron Man, Bucky Barnes/Tony Stark, newsreels and memories
Captain America, Bucky Barnes/Natasha Romanov, vodka
Captain America, Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes, undercover
Captain America, Bucky Barnes/Sam Wilson, substitution
Exiles, Sabretooth (Earth: 295)/Shadowcat (Earth: Unrevealed), unexpected
DC (Iron Man/Captain America), Tony/Steve, one too many
Marvel, Bucky Barnes/Clint Barton/Kate Bishop, Avengers: Young and New
Marvel, Steve Rogers/Tony Stark, "Her name's Naomi. That's "I moan" backwards." (Van Wilder)
Marvel, Bucky Barnes/Kate Bishop, meeting the parents

Cable & Deadpool/Deadpool
C&DP, Nate/Wade, I dare you
C&DP, Cable/Deadpool, suntan lotion makes me hot
C&DP, Wade/Nate, Television
C&DP, Nate/Wade, women's underwear
C&DP, Cable/Deadpool, no longer
C&DP, Cable/Deadpool, some sort of kidfic(or mini someone)
CDP female!cable/deadpool, boobs....plz I can touch yes?
CDP, female!Cable/Deadpool, my body is not for your viewing pleasure.
CDP, Cable/Deadpool, porn just isn't good enough anymore
Marvel, Deadpool/Cable, "I laugh in the face of danger. HA HA HA HA HA!" (The Lion King)
Deadpool, Deadpool/Siryn, just one touch
Marvel, Deadpool/Domino, mourning Cable
C*DP, Cable/Deadpool, first time
C&DP, Cable/Deadpool, Giving in
Marvel Comics!'verse, Cable/Deadpool, something has to be able to shut him up...
Marvel, Deadpool/Wiccan, nubile young thing

Young Avengers, Teddy/Billy, "I could even be you"
Avengers/Young Avengers, Clint/Kate, custom made
The Avengers, Steve Rogers/Tony Stark, can we be friends again?
Avengers, Steve/Tony, not dead

Iron Man
Iron Man, Tony/Pepper, smirk
Iron Man, Tony/Pepper, Tony, I'm not having sex on your desk
Iron Man, Tony/Pepper, Go slow
Iron Man (any), Tony Stark/James Rhodes, dog tags
Iron Man (movieverse), Tony/Rhodey, handy
Marvel Comics (or Iron Man movies), Tony Stark/author's choice, twelve step program

DCU/Marvel, Oliver Queen/Clint Barton, the better archer

Teen Titans
Teen Titans, Tim/Jaime, armor
Titans Roy/Tim, target practice
Titans, Dick/Roy, bad
Teen Titans, Jaime Reyes/Tim Drake/Bernard Dowd, jealousy.
Teen titans, beastboy/cyborg, it's my turn to choose
Teen Titans, Slade/Robin, "All tied up with no one to hear you scream"
Teen Titans, Roy/Dick, time alone
Titans, Roy Harper/Dick Grayson, first argument and subsequent make-up
Teen Titan, Roy/Dick, biting

Misc comics
comics, author's choice/author's choice, superhero costume
JLA, Hal/Kyle, white-knuckled
Young Justice, Bart/Tim, sugar rush
Authority, Midnighter/Apollo, first taste of freedom
Sandman, Dream/Desire, tricks of the trade
The Sandman, Dream/Desire, intimately entwined
JSA, Michael Holt/Pieter Cross, scrabble board
Young Justice, Kon/Cassie, Surprise!
Birds of Prey, Dinah/Barbara, too loud.
Spiderman, Spidey/Black Cat, "what's a girl gotta do to get lucky"
Authority, Apollo/Midnighter, Switching Costumes
Constantine/Hellblazer, John Constantine/John Constantine, Hellblazer (through a glass darkly)
Invaders, Bucky/Toro, practice
The Authority, Apollo/Midnighter, sexy
Calvin & Hobbes, older-in his twenties!Calvin/Hobbes, The Call of the Wild
Fantastic 4, Johnny/Sue, secrets
Metanoia, Zander/Star, contemplating disobedience
Sandman, Morpheus/Destruction, roaming the stars
Teen Titans (cartoon), Robin/Raven, whips and chains
Mulan, Mulan/Shang, secrets he can never know.