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11 January 2009 @ 05:58 pm
Index: Crossovers I  

Buffy/Heroes, Adam/Spike, mortals

Any Batverse/Heroes, NikiJessica/Two-Face, ugly
Heroes/Superman, Nathan/Clark, you can fly too?
Nolanverse Batman/Heroes, Jonathan Crane/Mohinder Suresh, ethics

Heroes/Lost, Elle/Shannon, shoes
Lost/Heroes, Sayid/Adam, leather
Heroes/Lost, Elle/Sawyer, snarky nicknames
Lost/Heroes, Desmond/Isaac, their shared ability
Lost/Heroes, Daniel/Mohinder, ridicule
Heroes/Lost, Angela Petrelli/Sawyer, disco club in 1976

Heroes/Pushing Daisies
Pushing Daisies/Heroes, Ned/Gabriel, summer break
Heroes/Pushing Daisies, Sylar/Ned, pie tastes better than murder
Heroes/Pushing Daisies, Aunt Vivian/Virginia Gray, share a slice at the Pie Hole
Heroes/Pushing Daisies, Sylar/Ned (THEY TOTALLY LOOK SIMILAR), eyebrows, hands, and the nape of his neck
Heroes/Pushing Daisies, Linderman/Ned, pie-making contest

X-Men/Heroes, Wolverine/Adam, immortality
Heroes/X-Men Movie, Claire Bennett/Rogue, Special
Heroes/X-Men, Rogue/Peter, on the desk
X-Men/Heroes, Rogue/Claire, "You can't hurt me"
X-Men/Heroes, Angel/Mohinder, writer’s choice
Heroes/X-Men, Cyclops & Claire, daughter

Heroes/Who-verse, Adam Monroe/Jack Harkness, immortality
Buffy/Heroes, Elle/Faith, tough
Heroes/Torchwood, Mohinder/Jack/Mickey, jealousy
Heroes/4400, Sylar/Isabelle, special
Merlin/Heroes, Merlin/Sylar, muttering
Batman/Heroes, Bruce/Noah, A little too much in common
Heroes/author's choice, Mohinder/author's choice, "Any sufficiently analyzed magic is indistinguishable from science."
Heroes/Dollhouse, Elle/Echo, blank
Repo the Genetic Opera/Heroes, Sylar, Zydrate
Heroes/Star Trek(movie), Claire/Spock, this is highly illogical, but you seem familiar
Torchwood/Heroes, Ianto/Sylar, suffering
Watchmen/Heroes/4400, Rorschach/Sylar/Isabell, crazy
Torchwood/Heroes, Jack/Ianto/Gabriel, A broken stopwatch spoils half their vacation plans
Heroes/Numb3rs, Mohinder/Charlie/Don, Curls
Heroes/Alias, Adam/Sark, fine wine
Heroes/Dollhouse, Sylar/Alpha, broken

BTVS/ATS, Faith/Angelus, obsession
BTVS/ATS, Angelus/Faith, Highest Bidder
BTVS/ATS, Evil!Faith/Angelus, One by one, down they go.
btvs/ats, angel/dawn, pleasure and pain
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel, Willow/Fred, Gray's Anatomy

Buffy/Being Human
Being Human/BtvS, George/Oz, experience

Dollhouse/BtvS, Echo/Buffy, slayers
Buffy/Dollhouse, Willow/Topher, memory charms
Dollhouse/BTVS, Topher/Andrew, gym class
Buffy/Dollhouse, Topher/Faith, more than he bargained for
Dollhouse/Buffy, Topher/Faith, don't I know you?
Dollhouse/Buffy, Echo & Faith, Echo's newest assignment is to be a slayer

Buffy/Harry Potter
Harry Potter/Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Hermione/Oz, An American Werewolf in London

Merlin/BtVS, Merlin/Willow, competition

NCIS/Buffy, Abby/Faith, black, thigh high lace up boots and mini skirt
BtVS/NCIS, Xander Harris/Tony Dinozzo, "I should know better than to wish"
NCIS/Buggy, Abby/Faith, black, thigh high lace up boots and mini skirt
Buffy/NCIS, Faith/Abby, hard sex to hard rock

Torchwood/Buffy, Jack/Buffy, cheating death
Torchwood/Buffy, Captain John/Spike, alternate realities
Torchwood/Buffy, Jack/John/Spike, almost twins
Torchwood/BtVS, Jack/Xander, conversation about hemavores
Torchwood/Buffy, Capt. John Hart/Spike, bleached blond

XMen/Buffy, Remy/Xander, thrall
Being Human/BtvS, George/Oz, I think my wolf has a crush on your wolf.
Buffy/Dr. Horrible, Xander/Billy, magnet for evil.
Criminal Minds/ Buffy, Spencer Reid/ Spike, author's choice
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Smallville, Chloe/Oz, heat (aka mating)
Buffyverse/Vamp Chronicles, Angelus/Lestat, "So, your kind can't get it up?"
BtVS/SG-1, Rupert Giles/Daniel Jackson, at the British Museum in London
Buffy/House, Faith/House, claim
HIMYM/Buffy, Barney/Willow, magic tricks
BtVS/Castle, Spike/Castle, 'you sure you've never gouged someone's eye out before?'
BTVS/Psych, Xander/Shawn/Lassiter, hyena's true mates
Dr. Who/Buffy, Doctor/Dawn, first trip across the galaxy
Buffy/XMen, Xander/Remi, dancing
Buffyverse/Twilight, Xander & Edward, "Sparkliness isn't a Get out of being staked free card!"
Angel/BTVS/Smallville, Spike/[vampire!]Chloe, gypsy

Angel/Torchwood, Fred/Tosh, geek-bonding
Angel/Torchwood, Tosh/Fred, on the phone
Torchwood/Angel the Series, Jack/Angel, hero

Torchwood/Dr. Who
DW/TW, Jack/Mickey, the start of something
Doctor Who/Torchwood, Toshiko/Martha, second place
Torchwood/Doctor Who, Jack/Ianto/pre-immortal Jack, what your future holds
Doctor Who/Torchwood, Jack/Mickey/Ianto, feels like drowning
Torchwood/Dr. Who, Face of Boe, "I don't remember that boy's name, but I remember I loved him."

Torchwood/Firefly, Jack/Mal, pretty.
Torchwood/Firefly, Jack/Ianto/Mal, pinned
Firefly/Torchwood, Mal/Jack/Ianto, lets be bad guys
Torchwood/Firefly, Capt. Jack Harkness/Jayne Cobb, Vera
Torchwood/Firefly, Jack/Simon, "a personal weakness for doctors"

Primeval/Torchwood, Abby/Gwen, galaxy
Primeval/Torchwood, Connor/Ianto, dinosaur playdate
Torchwood/Primeval, Ianto/Stephen, the cunning use of weapons
Primeval/Torchwood, Jack/Stephen, Late Night Seduction
Torchwood/Primeval, Jack Harkness/Stephen Hart, "That is MY dinosaur! Backoff!"

SGA/Torchwood, Rodney McKay/Jack Harkness, not you again!
Torchwood/Angel, Tosh/Fred, chocolate
Bones/Torchwood, Booth/John, handcuffs
Princess Bride/Torchwood, Dread Pirate Roberts/Jack, "I'll most likely kill you in the morning"
Torchwood/Sandman, Jack/Death, Jack hits on Death every time he dies

Firefly/Dollhouse, River/Echo, Finding Self
Firefly/Dollhouse, River/Echo, wind

Firefly/Dr. Who
Firefly/Doctor Who, Mal/9, war stories
Dr. Who/Firefly, Serenity/TARDIS, taking care of troublesome charges

Merlin/Firefly; companion!Merlin/captain!Arthur, "baobei"
Firefly/Merlin, Mal/captain!Arthur, "You're just nyen ching duh (roughly "young one", literally "infant teeth") - you got a boat and a crew and you think that makes you a captain?"
Merlin/Firefly, captain!Arthur/companion!Merlin, "You snogged me first!"
Merlin/Firefly; Merlin/Arthur, craving something sweet
Merlin/Firefly, author's choice, you take happiness where you can find it
Merlin/Firefly, captain!Arthur/companion!Merlin/author's choice, drinking always just wua ser tian
Firefly/Merlin; captain!Arthur/companion!Merlin, body shots
Merlin/Firefly, companion!Merlin/Inara, it's good to see you bao bei
Merlin/Firefly, captain!Arthur/comapnion!Merlin, Your kisses are like magic
Merlin/Firefly, companion!Merlin/author's choice(s), Arthur always jin joh bu chi chi fah joh ("choosing to sip the wine of penalty over that of respect")
Merlin/Firefly, companion!Merlin/captain!Arthur, Still flying
Firefly/Merlin, companion!Merlin/author's choice, first time on board

Twilight/Firefly, Edward/River, nothing between us
Twilight/Firefly, Edward Cullen/River Tam, mind reading

Firefly/X-Men Origins: Wolverine
Wolverine: Origins/Firefly, Logan/Author's choice, he may not remember much, but he remembers his ship
Wolverine: Origins/Firefly, Logan/Remy, of all the ships in all the 'verse...
Wolverine: Origins/Firefly, Logan/Author's choice, a memory, a laugh, a smile
Wolverine/Firefly, Logan/author's choice, Ghosts from another life
Wolverine: Origins, Logan/Remy, Firefly
Firefly/Wolverine, author's choice, alien sex pollen
Wolverine Origins/Firefly, Logan/author's choice, "My ship, my rules!"

House/Firefly, Simon/Robert Chase, dueling vests
Firefly/Star Wars, Mal Reynolds/Han Solo, space pirates
BSG/Firefly, Sam/River, "I know what you are"
Firefly/Star Trek, Mal/Kirk, Captain
Firefly/Veronica Mars, River Tam/Veronica Mars, if I were a weapon
Tru Calling/Firefly, Jack/River, murderer
Quantum Leap/Firefly, River & Sam, Sam leaps into River while she's at the academy
Dollhouse/Firefly, Caroline (or Echo)/River, "They trained me to be a killer too."
BSG/Firefly, Kara/Simon, swearing

Dr. Who
Dr. Who/Merlin
Merlin/Doctor Who, Merlin(Jethro)/Arthur, "Who wants to live forever?"
Merlin/Doctor Who, Merlin/Ten, "No, I'm really Merlin!"
Doctor Who/Merlin, Arthur/Rose, flower petals
Merlin/Dr Who, Arthur/Jethro (from Midnight S4), sightseeing

Dr. Who/Miscellaneous
Doctor Who/Eureka, The Doctor/Jack Carter, oops
Who-verse/SG1, Jack Harkness/Vala Mal Doran, fancy meeting you here
Horatio Hornblower/Doctor Who (TVM), William Bush/Eight, author's choice
Dr. Who/Angel, Doctor/Fred, "Didn't I tell you? I'm brilliant!"
Doctor Who/Harry Potter, Ten/Luna, we are only the sum of our secrets

Stargate/Burn Notice
Stargate SG-1/Burn Notice, Jack/Victor, self-conscious
Burn Notice/SG-1, Michael/Daniel, "you saw me die? yeah, i'm gonna need you to narrow that down for me"
SG-1/Burn Notice, Jack/Victor!Daniel (Daniel is Victor in disguise or something), self-conscious about how his body has changed
Stargate SG-1/Burn Notice, Jack/Victor, how Victor's body is different than Daniel's

Andromeda/SGA, Tyr/Ronon, survivor
Andromeda/SGA, Tyr/Ronon, in the Satedan army

Firefly/Stargate sg1, Mal/Jack, just who's in charge here?
Firefly/SG1, Mal/Daniel Jackson, 'was it monkeys? some terrifying space monkeys maybe got loose?'

MacGyver/Stargate SG1, Mac/Daniel, papers clips and/or duct tape
MacGyver/SGA, Mac/Rodney McKay, how did you do that?

Torchwood/SGA, Jack/Vegas!Rodney, looks good in a suit

SG-1/Indiana Jones, Daniel/Indy, "strange rituals"
Family Album/SGA, Lionel/Vegas!John, always had a thing for rough trade
X-Files/SG1, Skinner/ Samantha Carter, undeniable attraction
NCIS/SG-1, Abby/Daniel, "It's not what you think it is"
Farscape/SG-1, Scorpius, Cameron Mitchell, "you'll do."
BSG/SGA, Apollo/Carson, Crash
Fringe/SGA, Dr. Walter Bishop/Dr. Rodney McKay, teacher and student
Criminals Minds/SGA, Morgan/Ronon, far, far away
Boa Vs. Python/SGA, Dr. Julian Emmett/John Sheppard, lost someone
SGA/Las Vegas, Vegas!John/Danny McCoy, caught cheating
Hulu Commercial/SGA, Alec Baldwin/John Sheppard, tentacles
Eureka/SGA, Stark/Rodney, Rodney and Stark share a history (Carter POV)
SGA/Eureka, Mckay/Stark, brain sex
Highlander/Stargate SG-1, Daniel Jackson/Methos, Ancient technology and ancient scrolls
Stargate SG-1/(Pushing Daisies), Daniel/anybody, SG-verse in which Daniel has Ned's 'powers'

Fantastic 4/Smallville, Johnny/Chloe, wild as an animal
Smallville/Spider-Man, Chloe/Peter, here with me
Criminal Minds/Smallville, Chloe/Reid, new bathtub
Smallville/X-Men, Chloe/Scott, hot chocolate
Smallville/Batman Begins, Clark/Bruce, on patrol

Miscellaneous Comics
Iron Man/X-Men, Tony Stark/Emma Frost, booty call
Batman/Superman, Bruce/Clark, always
X-Men/Fantastic Four, Iceman/Human Torch, complicated
DC/Marvel, Catwoman/Gambit, even the score
Batman/Superman, Bruce/Lex, prep school holiday
DC/Marvel Gambit/Tim, rubies and sapphires
Superman Returns/Batman Begins, Clark/Bruce, Daily Planet
TDK/Superman Returns, Bruce/Clark, Themyscira
DCU/Terminator: TSCC, Tim Drake/John Connor, weight of the world
Dollhouse/C&DP, Handler!Wade/Doll!Nate, fantasy unfulfilled
Marvel/DCU, Clint Barton/Dinah Lance, we're not making Ollie jealous on purpose, honest!
Death Note/DCU, Mello/Jason Tood, second place
Marvel/DCU, Bobbi Morse (Mockingbird) / Dinah Lance (Black Canary), men are pigs
Superman/Aquaman, "Underwater"
Batman/Superman, Bruce/Clark, Root beer float
DCU/Marvel, Cassie Sandsmark/Cass Cain/Cassie Lang, author's choice

NCIS/Criminal Minds
Criminal Minds/NCIS, Garcia/Abby, pigtails
Criminal Minds/NCIS, Rossi/Gibbs, a quiet fishing trip with a friend
Criminal Minds/NCIS, Rossi/Gibbs, it ain't typical but it works for them
NCIS/Criminal Minds, Tony/author's choice, the bartender knows all the gossip in a small town
Criminal Minds/NCIS, Rossi/Gibbs/Tony, after hours

NCIS/Dark Angel
NCIS/Dark Angel, Tony/Alec, mistaken identity
Dark Angel/NCIS, Logan/Tony, Interrogation
NCIS/Dark Angel, Gibbs/DiNozzo/Logan, black leather chaps

NCIS/Numbers, any pairing among Gibbs/Abby/Tony/Colby/Don/David, interagency cooperation
CSI/NCIS, Lady Heather/Abby, Submission
Castle/NCIS, Castle/Tony, everything Castle writes, down to the minute details of clothing choices and hair fibers, is coming true/being revealed in the case of a dead naval officer(Castle's not-yet-released, in progress book)
NCIS/Magnificent Seven, Abby/ATF!Ezra, FBI
NCIS/Magnificent Seven, Abby/ATF!Ezra, perfume/aftershave.
NCIS/Magnificent Seven, Abby/ATF!Ezra, laughter
NCIS/Magnificent Seven, Abby/Author's choice, Evidence of/from the past.
NCIS/A Midsummer Night's Dream, Gibbs/Tony, Oberon and Puck like to watch their machinations
Numb3rs/NCIS, any pairing among Don/Colby/David/Liz/Gibbs/Abby/Tony/Ziva, no better aphrodisiac than kicking some ass

Criminal Minds
Criminal Minds/The Big Bang Theory
Criminal Minds/The Big Bang Theory, Dr Spencer Reid/Dr Sheldon Cooper, two sets of pointy ears
Criminal Minds/The Big Bang Theory, Dr Spencer Reid/Dr Sheldon Cooper, Collector's Edition
Criminal Minds/The Big Bang Theory, Dr Spencer Reid/Dr Sheldon Cooper, wear my Green Lantern-ring
Criminal Minds/Big Bang Theory, Reid/Sheldon, Playing strip Star Trek Trivia

How I Met Your Mother
How I Met Your Mother/House
House/How I Met Your Mother, Barney Stinson/Eric Foreman, "Nice Suit, it would look better on my floor." Foreman earns a multiple-entry sex visa for the Fortress of Barnitude.
House/HIMYM, Dark!Wilson/Barney, pretty
HIMYM/House, Chase/Sub!Barney, War of the Pretty-Haired Blonds.
HIMYM/House, Barney/dark!Wilson, secret, destructive relationship
HIMYM/House, Barney/dark!Wilson, sold
HIMYM/House, Barney/Foreman and Barney/dark!Wilson, Foreman finds out
HIMYM/House, Barney/dark!Wilson, "Who did you tell?"
HIMYM, Barney/??, dark secret, (anyone's POV)
HIMYM/House, Barney/dark!Wilson, punishment

How I Met Your Mother/Dr. Horrible
HIMYM/Doctor Horrible, Barney/Billy, alternate dimensions
Dr. Horrible/HIMYM, Evil!Billy/Sub!Barney with mentions of Marshall/Lily/Barney, It's always the nice ones.

How I Met Your Mother/Miscellaneous
Dollhouse/HIMYM, doll!Barney/handler!Robin, dressed to impress

Angel/Bones, Angel/Booth, "Well that's not something you see everyday...at least not exactly."
Angel/Bones, Angelus/Seeley Booth, "what rough beast, it's hour come at last" (The Second Coming, W.B. Yeats)
Angel/Bones, Angelus/Booth, keep your family close (don't mind the bars)
Angel/Bones, Angelus/Booth, family sticks together (that's why I've chained you to the wall)

Angel/X-Men Origines Wolverine, Lindsey McDonald/Remy LeBeau, You're better than this
X-Men/AtS, Remy/Lindsey, this is the part where you stop talking
X-Men/AtS, Remy/Lindsey, your 10 o'clock appointment (Lilah POV)
Angel/X-Men Origines Wolverine, Lindsey McDonald/Remy LeBeau, phone call

Bones/House, Angela/Brennan/House/Wilson, Too much logic.
Angel/Twilight, Angel/Edward Cullen, sparkly
Angel/Doctor Who, Fred & Nine, Pylea

The Truly Miscellaneous
Cry Wolf/My Bloody Valentine, Tom/Tom, disturbing
Eureka/In Plain Sight, Jack Carter/Marshall Mann, ex-partners
Highlander, Duncan/Methos, remembering a prayer (Highlander/Merlin, Duncan/Merlin, remembering a prayer)
Colbert Report/Daily Show, Colbert/Stewart, off script
CSI:NY/CSI:MIAMI, Danny Messer/Tim Speedle, motorcycles
The X-Files/Once a Thief, Alex Krycek/Victor Mansfield, Gemini
High School Musical/Suite Life of Zack & Cody, Sharpay/Maddie, "It's like looking into a mirror!"
Merlin/Harry Potter, Merlin/anyone, 'Merlin's balls!' '...what?!'
Buffy/NCIS/Leverage/Bones, any combination of Faith/Willow/Abby/Ziva/Parker/Bones/Angela(whichever fandoms you like), Female rock stars who kick ass
TrueBlood/Sookie Stackhouse Series, Sookie/Bill, teasing
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles/Dollhouse, Cameron/Echo, deception
Friday the 13th/My Bloody Valentine, Clay/Tom, bloody love
Andromeda/Star Trek TNG, Trace Gemini/Worf, Ares & Aphrodite
Devour/Dark Angel, Jake/Ben, I think we're all a little crazy
Pokemon/Naruto, Ninetails/Kyuubi, holy shit
Being Human/author's choice, Annie/author's choice, dead end
Gossip Girl/St. Trinian's, Kelly Jones/Serena Van der Woodsen, hockey
LOTR/POTC, Legolas/Will Turner, We sat together in silence
Merlin/Repo! The Genetic Opera, Uther Pendragon/Nathan Wallace, self hatred
Highlander/X-Files, Cory Raines/Alex Krycek, Not dead yet
X-Files/Fringe, Olivia/Scully, skeptical
The Incredibles/X-Men Evolution, Quicksilver/The Dash, race
House/Law & Order: SVU, House/Munch, rainbows and kittens
Prison Break/Battlestar Galactica, T-Bag/Gaius Baltar, author's choice
Being Human/Merlin, Mitchell/Morgana, blood at the banquet
Queer as Folk (US)/Burn Notice, Michael Novotny/Michael Weston, "Your mom sure looks and acts exactly like mine."
Twilight/Interview with a Vampire, Edward Cullen/Lestat, One happy family
Psych/Monk, Shawn & Monk, a Hawaiian vacation is interrupted by work and unexpected competition
Twilight/Harry Potter, Edward/Luna, "Well that's just stupid."
Criminal Minds/Dollhouse, Derek Morgan/slutty!Echo, lollipops
X-Files/Mentalist, Dana Scully/Patrick Jane, 'What do you do? - Don't laugh.'
Psych/Mentalist/Castle, Shawn/Jane/Castle, "Three highly observant civilian police consultants walk into a bar..."
X-Men/NCIS, Wolverine & Gibbs, The rules
Dead Like Me/Lost, Charlie/Mason, the newest reaper
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Ayilanoteveryday on January 30th, 2009 11:28 pm (UTC)
Leverage/Traveler, Eliot/Will, Blood-stained clothes
Belongs under Lonely promts unfortunately.. T.T
Some call me Julia: Jensen - oh no!ulysses3_de on January 31st, 2009 10:47 am (UTC)
Thanks a lot. I'll change it right away.
spae on June 15th, 2009 08:21 am (UTC)
Hi. I don't want to make more work for y'all if you purposely don't list fics under all relevant fandoms included in the crossover, but maybe an idea ... perhaps you could nudge potential readers who don't check under different fandoms with a note like "You can see more NCIS crossovers under the following headings: ____"

I only noticed because I was looking for NCIS crossover fic, and found a small list under the section entitled NCIS, but more fics under different subheadings - you've got loads under Leverage, some under Buffy, one under Stargate ... possibly more on the other Crossover pages which I haven't seen.

codemonkeyscodemonkeys on June 15th, 2009 02:19 pm (UTC)
The problem is we can't cross reference everything, and coding takes a very long time, and there's always new crossovers. The way they work is sort of a waterfall - all crossovers involving SPN at all are in one place. All crossovers that are RPS but do not include SPN are in another place. All crossovers that are Leverage but not SPN or RPS are in another place, and so on. Unfortunately it is the only way we can handle things. With the amount of raw text we need to use just for coding, and the number of times we need to split a section off because an Index post is too full, it simply is unfeasible to try and keep track with notes.

I'm very sorry :/
spae on June 15th, 2009 08:46 pm (UTC)
Thanks for answering.

Sucks to be a small fandom, I guess.
codemonkeyscodemonkeys on June 15th, 2009 09:06 pm (UTC)
I wish it were feasible to do something more! Could you maybe sign up to be a Guest Host? You could find a way to promote some of the smaller fandoms and whatnot that way?
spae on June 16th, 2009 05:23 am (UTC)
I created a comment_fic delicious account which is currently set up with all (as per your current list) written NCIS prompts, with assorted tags so people can search by author, fandom, pairing or theme.

You can check it out here: NCIS comment_fic

If you like it, and want to take it on - add other fandoms - let me know and I'll give y'all a backdoor key. ;)
we're marching onmyfloralbonnet on December 24th, 2009 08:31 am (UTC)
I'm not sure if this is the right place to comment, but this prompt Doctor Who/Sanctuary, Donna Noble, temp work is listed as filled, which it isn't. :(
pharaohbily on January 28th, 2012 01:18 pm (UTC)
Спасибо за инфу
Познавательно, но не убедительно.